It’s Le Weekend! Big Buckle Birkenstocks, Asymmetrical Swimwear & A Stuffy Nose!

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Hat’s off to the weekend! Here at last! Whatever you’re up to, make it a good one won’t you ❤️. Here’s my Fab Five *

Stuffy Nose Remedy

So not the most glam subject to start with but since March I sound like I have some kind of problem with my nose! I kid you not, it has been alternating between being blocked and stuffy and running like a tap since the beginning of lockdown. It’s gross, yes. What could it be? Is it pollen? Dust in my home, now that I’m here most of the day! Or is my brain coming out slowly through my left nostril? What I do know is that it’s better if I sleep on my back but I get a minging headache if I sleep on my side, but not always!

Chatting to a few people, from a good mètre away, it turns out that many of them have been having the same trouble. Anyway, whatever is causing it and if you’re in the same stuffy old boat then I’ve found that this A Vogel nose spray seems to do some good….

Big Buckle Birkenstocks

Did you know you can get a huge fine for driving in flip flops? When it’s mega hot I live in mine but it’s a pain having to change them to drive. I find that in living our simple country life I spend a lot of time in my swimsuit and sandals in the summer gardening and wotnot. There’s something quite nice about plopping about with your swimwear under a dress and a pair of sandals when it’s really too warm for anything else. So this year to avoid the having to change shoes to drive conundrum, I thought I’d try a Birkenstock. Jeez the first double buckle I tried I could barely walk! It would appear some of the models are a bit of an acquired taste! So I went back to the single band style with the new oversized buckle. Goodbye RE teacher, ( with a stuffy nose ) hello slinky lady! So this weekend, I give you the Birkenstock Big Buckle. I’m liking them, what do you think? 

70’s Style Asymmetrical Swimwear

Talking of poolside, isn’t this a delightful look? I’m loving all the asymmetrical swimwear around, so ABBA, or is it Flash Gordon? With frills to boot! LOVE ❤️ This beauty is from Boden, still on the French site but sold out in the UK but I’ve also seen great ones on H&M France and Next Direct.

Ginless Gin Anyone?

Have you ever tried a Ginless Gin? I wasn’t sure if they were that popular here but I found this one on Amazon and it sounds pretty nice…you know for like a Monday or something! I can’t believe the price of them though! For not even the tiniest buzz! Not sure I’m sold? Ever tried it?

Garden Accessories

I’m really enjoying and am so grateful for my garden at the moment. It served as a second dining room, living room and exercise area during lockdown and were are still using it so much more than ever before. I noticed quite a few friends, wherever they are in the world seemed to be the same. There’s a great new revival of the outdoor rug trend and some are just dreamy aren’t they! Look how my lovely friend Lucy dressed up her terraced house garden, totally Pinworthy!

I love it! I couldn’t have it I don’t think as our dogs would be constantly scrambling over it but it looks so good in her city garden space. On the theme of accessorizing, I got this nice terra-cotta sphere for under 10e from my local garden centre and I love it, I feel Monty Don (my fave )would approve? I like the way it looks like it’s been there forever, don’t you? When I get my new garden organised I might have these dotted around the kitchen garden here and there, I think it would look rather lovely in amongst the chives and hollyhocks.

Do you have any nice accessories in your garden or balcony? 

I’ve just picked up this week’s farm box and it’s a delight as usual. So on with making us a nice apricot clafoutis for tomorrow’s lunch!

Have a great weekend! X

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