It’s Le Weekend!: Butt Lifting Jeans, Being True to Yourself & A Cracking Red Lipstick to Boot

Well hello one and all, how are you doing? So sorry for the radio silence on here for the past few weeks. As you may have been following I have embarked on a new French lifestyle podcast series: Made in Charente which has taken up a lot of my time. It’s so nice to feel able to offer a voice in a small rural community and thank you to all 400 of you who have tuned in and downloaded so far, there’s lots more exciting stuff to come.

Made in Charente Podcast

So here are a few things I am thinking about and loving this week. Hope you have a restful weekend X

1.The Best Butt Lifting Jeans 2020

Catchy headline eh? Do you know, I do find that jeans can be mega unflattering and as I don’t actually have that shapely a derriere – sometimes it’s an idea to invest in a good pair of trousers that help you out a little! I mean, a flat arse isn’t all that attractive is it? Haha. So, I’ve done a little research for you and before I reveal the best pair of butt lifting jeans 2020, here are three points to remember when shopping for a pair.

  1. The back pockets should sit higher up on your bottom to give the illusion of a lift.
  2. Go for a mid rise or even low rise jean – high waisted can just give you that podgy pantline look if you catch my drift.
  3. A little stretch may well make all the difference to how your bottom appears in your jeans so definitely opt for a thinner denim with some added movement.

So, here they are! Mango Kim Skinny Push Up Jeans come in several different colours but actually I find this grey to be the most flattering. Great pricepoint too at £29.99 and the perfect partner to a crisp white shirt. Enjoy your new swagger in them!

Kim skinny push-up jeans - Reverse of the article

2.Being True to Yourself

Now, more than ever I think it’s so important to follow your heart and stay true to what you know. We are living through such confusing times aren’t we? A few of my friends have lost their jobs in the UK after the pandemic and it’s provoked a real moment of reflection in so many of us. As I was saying, I have returned via my podcasting to one of my true passions in life, storytelling. I have been all around the houses with different jobs and at times I’ve felt lost about what I should be doing. But life has a funny way of leading you back to where you should be doesn’t it?

So I just wanted to share that with you, in case you are feeling the same way. Surround yourself with the right people and always listen to your inner voice. You probably don’t need to look so hard and deep at yourself and where you want to be, the answers are often right in front of you already. Big hugs x

3.The Duronic Air Fryer

So…this may sound a bit like an item you might find in the back of the Reader’s Digest but I kid you not it has been hands down one of the best kitchen gadgets I’ve ever purchased. Rewind to June, my brother bought my Mum one of these compact little ovens and since then I also got one and my sister has too.

Hilariously I have a huge range oven that I adore for roasts and slow cooking etc but Monday to Friday when people are in and out and eating on the hoof, this little Duronic Air Fryer £69.99 is all I seem to use – it’s a god send.

I first got mine in the summer because it was so hot here that every time I turned the big oven on our kitchen became like a sauna! So what can you use it for? Everything from chocolate cakes to roasting. Salmon filets with perfectly crisp skin in 10 minutes, handcut chips perfectly crisp with only a light brushing of olive oil are ready in 20 mins, butternut squash crisps etc etc it really is the most useful thing and takes up no more room than a coffee machine. Get one!

4.A Fabulous Classic French Red Lipstick

I’m a huge Chanel fan when it comes to makeup but actually I’ve found a cheap and lovely red that you’ll adore. It’s just the right blend of bright and vintage red that I love and has great staying power! Introducing L’Oréal Color Riche Matte in shade Scarlet Silhouette, at £7.99 you’ll love it too.

5.Your Weekly Stripe!

My my I am loving this week’s stripe for you! A Breton with added bling, what could be better than that? Boden have really scored highly with this gorgeous blue Breton with copper foils, LOVE it! I am also liking the fact it is slightly more fitted too. All this glamour for just £32.00 and they wash so well too. On my lust list!

Have a great weekend

Katie xxx

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2 thoughts on “It’s Le Weekend!: Butt Lifting Jeans, Being True to Yourself & A Cracking Red Lipstick to Boot

  1. Jenna

    An air fryer is a game changer in the kitchen! My boyfriend and I finally moved in together this summer, and he had an air fryer that he brought along. It is amazing – we use it all the time!
    Jenna ♥
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