It’s Le Weekend : Choosing a Rosé, My New French Podcast & Feeling Wild!

Bonjour bonjour! I hope you’ve all had a great week? We are all set for back to school in a week. Horror of horrors I’d lost the school list detailing which pens and books to buy but thankfully another Maman saved my bacon. So that’s that, in a flash the long summer days were gone and there’s the feel of golden Autumn on the horizon. I hope you’ve managed to make the most of the summer holidays?

Here’s a few things that I’m thinking about this weekend x

1 Feeling Wild

When was the last time you felt wild and free? At a festival? Standing with your toes in the sand feeling the waves come and go? Barefooting it through a field full of orchids or wandering through a bluebell forest so beautiful you were convinced there were fairies in it!? So much of grown up life is ordered and routine isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be nice to feel like you were just rubbing along with nature sometimes?

In my youth I spent so much time on horseback galloping through green valleys or splashing through fords, I look back on those sunny afternoons so fondly along with that amazing feeling of freedom that only the outdoors gives you.

Quite hilariously, one of my favourite past times as a kid was heading to Brill Windmill where there was a gigantic hill that ALL kids used to roll down at once, howling with laughter as they gathered speed towards the bottom! Minecraft was not an option for us, but a huge roll down a hill was like the best day out ever.

I’ve had the joy of spending some time with some very special friends this past week and listening to our little ones giggling away is the best medicine ever. I’m not suggesting that this afternoon you find a massive hill and roll down it, because I wouldn’t like to think I was responsible for you getting arrested – but maybe, just maybe you could reignite your wild side, feel the rip roaring joy of laughter and feel truly content this weekend by heading outdoors?

2 The Art of French Conviviality

We spend a lot of summer outdoors here. July and August in our little corner of France is punctuated with the voices and ripples of laughter of our various neighbours enjoying their summer guests. The peaceful click clacking of boules in their courtyard, the sound of another cork popping and the smell of a bbq lunch preparing. I love the rituals that they follow, the same old benches are pulled out of the barn each summer and the table for 2 becomes a table for 10, albeit this year with a lot more space between them all. I love the French Country Style checks or stripes at the table and the mismatched plates, that’s summer for me. Here’s a couple of items I’d like for my table right now.

Enjoy your outdoor bbqs, drinks and laughter – we all know that a long and happy life comes from surrounding yourself with people who make you shine n’est ce pas?

3 Choosing a Rosé Wine

And so leading on from hanging out with your best people, which often involves a few glasses of the cold pink stuff around these parts – choosing the right rosé can be a challenge. There is, in my humble view not much worse than cracking open a bottle to discover it has a sweet edge to it, I can’t bear it. So, these are by no means fail safe but here are a couple of tips on avoiding the sweet rosé wine disappointment!

Psssst The 3 Ps! – Pinot Noir, Pays D’oc and Provence are usually your friends when it comes to rosé wine so stick to these!

Pale – Avoid those fuchsia coloured rosé wines, they can be alright but they’re a risky choice. Usually, the paler the better.

Beware of the Cocktail – Finally, when in France, be very careful not to pop a rosé wine cocktail in your basket. These are vile and usually have some kind of fruit cordial in them.

4 My New Podcast

Verteuil sur Charente LOve French Style Blog

I know, I know, I have talked about launching a podcast so many times it’s getting boring but the time was never quite right. However I now have my first 5 guests set up for September and my Mini Series Made in Charente will finally air – featuring makers and artisans from my area, in French! My new French Lifestyle Podcast will be streamed via these pages so keep your eyes open for the Facebook and Instagram notifications!

I’ve needed to find a better way to connect with my French audience and through audio seems the best first step. We are all beyond excited and I have some really lovely people to talk to lined up! I hope you enjoy listening to them and laughing at me babbling in French hahaha at the same time.

Equally, if you happen to know of a young French speaker, bilingual or native who would like to get experience of writing a few blog posts under their belt in their own dedicated column then please let me know X

5 This Week’s Stripe

Ta dah! How’s about a big swishy skirt to head out and about in? I am in LOVE with this beauty!

Have a super weekend X

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