It’s Le Weekend – Cream Soda Hair, Oversized French Mirrors & Swearing in the Library!

Woohoo, it’s Friday. Superb, time for a nice glass of Chablis soon. Hope you’ve had a good week? Gee whizz did it rain! Feels chilly too doesn’t it? I’m really struggling with the mess of two hounds this week. How do people in Country Living have a fluffy cream home with dogs everywhere but no mess?

Here’s a few things to have a gander at during your time off. Have fun X


So my little chap is now 7 and many of his friends are beginning to have hobbies. He doesn’t really seem ever so interested in Rugby or Music Theory so I’m just letting him go with the flow at the moment until he finds something he enjoys – otherwise it’s just a massive waste of money.

Did you have a hobby at his age? I was just into ponies and gymnastics, a bit of flower pressing and that’s about it

I’m wondering if there’s something we can enjoy as a hobby together? He tried horseriding and was great at it but got bored very quickly, maybe we could run together? I like the idea of a family hobby or is that just some cheesy daydream? Any ideas?


2.Cream Soda Hair

Not as dodgy as it sounds 🤣. I’m thinking of darkening my hair up a bit because I’ve got that post summer block blonde thing going on. So, while googling something along the lines of ” where do I go from here as a blonde?” I discovered a new fancy hair colour trend called Cream Soda Hair. Oooh, it is nice…lovely bit of colour blending with dark and light contrasts but doesn’t look so done or dodgy as an ombre.

Let’s just hope nothing gets lost in translation and I end up saying Tango hair…..


3.Oversized French Mirrors

Nothing says French country more than a beautiful MASSIVE mirror. Wonderful to see your chandelier reflecting back at you in it along with candlelight and the flicker of the fire and just so forgiving in a small space. I recently bagged this huge French mirror from la Redoute and I absolutely LOVE it. Let the light in!

Get one, they’re currently on sale with 25% off!

La redoute 134e

4.Racing Green & Gunmetal Grey

During a little chat this week with my girls about home styling, I decided that two shades that I really love together are Racing Green and Gunmetal grey when combined with crisp white. I love Farrow and Ball Plummet and also Studio Green. Don’t you think this sounds like a dreamy combination?

Watch out for more on this, its now become a creative project in the pipeline!

Image Farrow and Ball

5.Swearing in the Library!

I used to get the giggles like REALLY badly when I was a school kid. So much so I would fall about feeling like my sides were actually splitting…even worse in the library. So I found it very amusing to see some kid behaving oddly in a library this week with school. I love helping out where I can so I usually volunteer. However, there is a new kid in the class and he’s pretty wild

While being shown a new book for the whole class to read together, said boy at the back suddenly shouted randomly, in English at the top of his voice ” Woahhhhh what the f***! Cool.” Obviously the French children didnt batter an eyelid and carried on with their quiet/loud whisper reading and there were no other English speaking people present apart from me. The teacher did hear and quietly told him to watch his vocabulary. I don’t think he even realised what he’d said, probably just heard it on TV or something. I was literally wetting myself laughing on the inside mind!

Well I never! Almost beats me choosing a book for Woody to take out years ago that turned out to be the story of a willy! Only in France!


Have a great weekend all X

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