It’s Le Weekend : Shopping Local, Sulphate Free Shampoo & Feeling Peaceful

Bonjour one and all, how are we doing? Thank you so much for all your new follows and likes of Love French Style Blog, it means so much. Lots more to come on French Country Interiors and yummy French food soon x

Love French style
Enjoying our staycation ❤️

It barely seems like a nanosecond ago we were shutting everything down in March and now it is just two weeks until La Rentrée. Does Covid encourage time travel also? Where in the hell has this year gone?

Anyway, here are a few thoughts from this week, bon weekend X

Feeling Peaceful

A couple of weeks ago, I really had to admit defeat with this whole pandemic situation, it finally got me down. Have you been feeling similar or are you taking it all in your stride? I don’t often feel completely exasperated but in all honesty, I wore myself out worrying. It dawned on me that we probably wouldn’t be going out and about much this summer because my anxiety with it all was quietly bubbling away like the porridge pot. It’s a nasty feeling not knowing what’s safe to do and where is acceptable to go.

So what to do when you feel stressed out? Well, not easy, but I started quietly working on some future projects and getting some learning under my belt and I am feeling far more positive about the future at last. I think it’s good every now and again to evolve in some way, whether that’s personal or professional, it really can give you a new found peace and put a nice little spring in your step.

As primates we are by nature social beings, I hadn’t actually really caught up with any friends for months until a couple of weeks ago. So what a joy it has been to see some of you again at long last. I’ll be honest, it made me feel rather teary. My heart was replenished thanks to you dear friends, and thank you for recharging my batteries, you know who you are X.

Natural French stress remedies
D Stress by Synergia

If you’re feeling similar, like you’re in a bit of a rabbit warren with it all then I would also highly encourage taking a little uplifting supplement, I am loving D Stress by Synergia as recommended by my fabulous nutritionist. This complex blend of B vitamins and Magnesium really has, to put it mildly, taken the edge off. You can find these online at Synergia website and a few other online pharmacies but if you’re in France then ask if your local pharmacy can order them in for you if they don’t have them in stock. They usually arrive the following morning. I paid 18e50 for 80 tablets so they’re pretty reasonably priced I think. I’m taking one at breakfast and one at lunch and that seems to be working for me but you can vary the dose depending on how uptight you’re feeling. I promise you, these take away that 3.30am wake up call which is the last thing you need when you already feel exhausted isn’t it? Big hugs to all in the same boat X

Shopping Local

I feel truly lucky for everything we have on our doorstep in this far flung corner of France. Just five minutes from my front door there are bars, restaurants – one of which is our own – gifts, holiday accommodation, places to swim and picnic and eat out under the stars in the wild, a florist, butchers etc. Ten minutes and you can buy paint, home decor, Chanel makeup, all the French parapharmacy brands and more.

Love French Style
A lovely, diverse mix of local produce from the farm shop.

For some time I have tried to shop as locally as I can and I just love my Saturday morning treat of popping to the farm shop and picking up a panier of seasonal delights. The one I go to is called Les Papilles Fermieres and I love it. Last week it was bursting with deliciousness, homemade biscuits, nectarines, courgettes, new potatoes, tomatoes etc etc. I love the variety and I find it really encourages you to make veggies the star of the show! I’m looking forward to seeing what the winter baskets have in them to go with our Sunday roasts and yorkshire puddings! Do you support your local farm shop too?

Sulphate Free Shampoo

Caudelie sulphate free shampoo

So, as I getting older! Ahem, I am finding that I have issues with Sulphates in beauty products. I ended up with terrible dermatitis from the gunk that gives beauty products bubbles – Sodium Laureth Sulphate, and then the problem moved onto my head! So to avoid myself from scratching like a manky dog, I switched facewash for face oil and finally my skin is cured and then I found Caudelie Sulphate Free Shampoo for my hair and that’s now better too. What you may find is that you seem to need to use a lot of the sulphate free stuff because it doesn’t go as far as a traditional shampoo due to the lack of bubbles. Don’t add more product, just add more water, this is the trick to using it! Honestly my hair looks healthier than it has done for ages and I can actually go without washing it for a few days now as well- unheard of previously!

So, the evidence is plain to see, I have become a bit intolerant of certain ingredients the wrong side of 40. If you have found recently that your hair or skin has not looked as good as it might and that no amount of makeup makes you look fresh faced then I would consider this as a cause and make the switch to sulphate free products too.

Beautiful Neutral French Style Paint Colours

Love French Style
Farrow and Ball Easy Neutrals Group

I’m a massive Farrow and Ball fan, I just love a beautiful neutral. I am currently loving this combination. Purbeck Stone, Strong White and Cornforth White. Dreamy as a base for building your French Country Style Interior!

Weekly Stripes

Well we are in France after all! Here is my recommended stripe purchase this week. Isn’t she a beauty? X

Love French Style
Macey Side Button Dress Joules £69.95

EDIT – The above dress has now SOLD OUT!

Here is another delightful striped dress for you from Boden, very flattering shape and length, quite similar to the one I wore on Instagram recently that you all liked too. I also have a discount code to share with you for 10% off 6T2C

Enjoy your weekend X

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2 thoughts on “It’s Le Weekend : Shopping Local, Sulphate Free Shampoo & Feeling Peaceful

  1. Fiona Pollard

    Lovely dress which I tried to order, but your recommendations are popular and its sold out!

    1. Katie Anderson Post author

      Hello lovely Fiona! Well yes it flew out that one didn’t it? Ive just added another option which looks v nice although not quite the same unfortunately and I have a discount code you can use too xxx

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