It’s le #weekendblog! Fancy Teapots, Linen Sheets & Peachy Soft Skin

Bonjour! It’s the #weekend and here are a few lovely items I am lusting after this week. Have a good one.

1. Le Creuset Teapot

Le Creuset Teapot Almond

If there is one item I keep on shopping for and then saving for later it is a Le Creuset Teapot. It seems so extravagant after Christmas to splash out on a new one but when I do, it is this beauty that will be going in my shopping basket. Hardwearing, chip proof with an easy poor ( hallelujah! ), there isn’t a single thing wrong with this stoneware teapot in my view – you can even put it in the oven. What’s more, there are the most gorgeous range of colours available from this iconic French kitchenwares brand. I confess, this is the real reason I haven’t ordered one yet, Marseille Blue or Almond? Hmm…

Le Creuset Teapot, £33.00 John Lewis

2. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate with Avene.

Avene Purifying Scrub on Love French Style Blog

I struggle to find a lovely exfoliator for sensitive skin but I recently started using this soothing pink one from Avene and I love it so far ( from 10e per 50ml ). Buff buff buff and ahh, peachy fresh skin- twice a week are the new beauty rules for 2016 for me! These gorgeous French natural skincare experts also recommend a little spray of thermal water before applying moisturiser for an ultra fresh complexion.

3. Lust after oil cleanser – Phytomer

Phytomer Cleansing Oil

I love the angelic feel of a fantastic cleansing ritual and oil cleansers are so popular at the moment. More and more of us are suffering from dry and sensitive skin due to hard water, cold winters and hot summers. Here is the luscious Phytomer White Lumination Radiance Cleansing Oil from the St Malo based algae marine cosmetic experts, Phytomer. Their thirst quenching moisturiser is also incredible. If you don’t have a stockist near you, you could try ordering via Amazon from around £21.00

4. Cooking without Fat

Mediterranean cooking with a George Foreman Grill

I never thought I would hear myself say it but I am enjoying my new reduced fat living and 12 ibs down, it seems to be working. We recently discovered an unused Amazon voucher so treated the family to a George Foreman 18471 Four Portion Family Grill– we’ve arrived! Currently reduced from £49.99 to £22.49, I think we’ll use it a lot.

Monsieur has all kinds of plans to make brioche buns oozing with delicious fillings ( I don’t think he understands the reduced fat concept ? ) I am thinking, mess and smoke free way to griddle fresh fish and chicken Mediterranean styly. Lovely with a crisp glass of Sancerre rosé…a party girl has to have some vices!

5. Linen Bedding

La Redoute Linen Duvet Cover

There truly is nothing more delicious than real linen bedding and it doesn’t come cheap. Think of it as an investment in good night’s sleep and it does rather take the pinch off a bit. I’m currently lusting after these pure slate blue linen duvet covers from La Redoute, no need to iron either. What could be more restful than that x

From £89.00 for a double set plus 10% off using the code EXTRA10

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