It’s #leweekend: Does Your Home Tell Your Story? Handsome Hare Lamps & Quartz Rollers

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Bonjour Bonjour! Have you had a good week? My 101 year old neighbour has made a fighting comeback after falling into the chicken’s water trough a few weeks ago, poor old love. She was only found because on this particular afternoon we caused a hold up in the lane and a passenger in a waiting car saw her little legs in the air as he waited for the road to clear. The poor thing had been sitting in cold water for a couple of hours before being pulled out, she took it all in her stride though and was just annoyed that her dress got wet.

This week, she’s back delivering eggs through my kitchen window again so all is well. I wonder who I will be badgering about mowing the lawn and getting to run my errands when I’m 100, if I make it that far? It got me thinking about how important communities are, how it’s so important to share all we have, make delicious food and see the beauty in everyday things. Do you have a friend in need this weekend? Could you show them love by lending a helping hand?

Here’s a few things that I’m loving this week, bisous X

1 Quartz Rollers

Quartz Roller How to treat water retention

Have you noticed that post 40 if you happen to wake up with a crease from the pillow on your face, there’s every chance that said crease will still be there well into the afternoon? It’s a shocker isn’t it how your skin plumpness changes with age? This could be down to some excessive water retention, I definitely notice it more after a few glasses of wine with dinner. You may remember some time ago my dear friend Claire Jones the facial therapist did a fab Q&A on how to get rid of a puffy face? Her advice is still as gold as ever but I have a great new tool to add to your kit if you’re also having the same trouble.

Instagram is literally inundated at the moment with Quartz Rollers isn’t it? I was drawn to the idea of a Quartz Roller because it’s a natural product, an ancient therapy and it seemed perfectly logical to me that if you combined all of that with lymphatic massage on your face then surely the water retention should subside. So, I’ve got a kit, less than 20e from Amazon and in it is a small shaped piece of quartz and also a roller. I use the piece in the evening and the roller in the morning. You just need to apply your serum first, I am loving Caudelie Anti Tache at the moment. Not only is the stone cooling which immediately helps with any puffiness but the action of draining the excess fluid from your face down toward your collarbone definitely makes a difference. Have you tried one?

2 Does Your Home Tell Your Story?

Love French Style Blog

I was reading a lovely article the other day about how the French as a nation like to apply the same natural approach to their decorating style as they do their hair and makeup. I’m not sure in truth I’ve actually seen evidence of that but I do agree with it! I don’t like our home to look too done, thankfully because most of the time in reality I am hoovering dog hair off the settee.

This got me thinking about our own home and how if I had more available wall space I would start to curate collections of things with meaning to us as a family. In the meantime, glancing around, we definitely do have a few items that are a reminder of a holiday, a time, a place and I love the way that through your home styling and decor you can use these things as a tool to tell your own story.

Love French Style Blog

You don’t have to have travelled the world to try this, hiked up mountains or have found your own Egyptian treasures! Hell no! I have a lovely fish painted on driftwood in my kitchen that reminds me of cycling around Cap Ferret, a handful of shells from Holkham Beach after a windy walk in the winter and glass display boxes with scented rose petals from a beautiful bouquet many moons ago. I love all of these things and all of their meaning. It means so much more than just having any old stuff doesn’t it?

3 French Vintage Linens

Love French Style Blog

When I first started writing Love French Style Blog I was obsessed with collecting Vintage French Linens and used to sell them on Etsy. I’ve not done so for a really long time because the postage was just astronomical. However this has left me with quite a few beautiful old pieces of linen that I’ve recently been bringing out of the closet and repurposing!

I did have a nice Hare fabric for the kitchen window curtain but then I remembered that I had a nice old monogrammed sheet upstairs that was the perfect width so its been transformed into a kitchen curtain instead. I think I might make a few into cushion covers too, the fab thing about these old fabrics is they are so hardwearing you can wash them mega hot so there’s no concerns about having white upholstery in a busy and sometimes grubby family environment! So, if you have some heavy old sheets kicking about at the back of the airing cupboard, have a think about transforming them into something new. A throw? Armcovers? You might be surprised with how much you like the tranquil white look.

4 A Handsome Hare Lamp

Talking of selling online, I have put together some of my favourite items from different retailers to help you put together your French Style Look at Home. You can find the current favourites in my Love French Style Blog Editor’s Picks here. One of them is this gorgeous Hare Lamp from Graham & Green, I love it!

Don’t you think there’s something so nicely eclectic about it? I think it’s a winner to add something smart to a rustic setting to give it a little polish and pizzazz.

5 A Stunning Striped Top

This week’s stripe comes in the form of a really stylish and good-enough-to-eat Caramel Striped Top from The White Company. I think this is the perfect top for making the transition from hot summer to cooler September, and, because it’s from TWC you can bet your bottom dollar it’s as soft as a peach. I think this would look fab with one of the chunky chain necklaces around at the moment don’t you? I saw some great paperclip chain necklaces in Zara this week, swoon swoon. I’d tuck this one in, roll up your jeans a touch, pair with your fave white trainers or pumps and sling on a blazer to chic it right up.

Mais oui oui oui!

Have a super weekend X

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