It’s #leweekend edit – Cath Kidston Aprons, Devol Peg Hooks & Stylish Velvet Curtains

And, relax, it’s #leweekend!

Hope you’ve had a fantastique week. I’ve been mostly getting some early nights in and dealing with some middle aged indigestion after last weekend’s antics! Ouch, thank gawd for Gaviscon! Here’s some rather more lovely things to try out this weekend. Have a good one x

#1 Consider Gettng A Stylish New Window Treatment

French style curtains grey velvet

I can’t tell you what a fan I am of a nice fabric, I am a bit of a collector, particularly of the French vintage linen kind. I have some natural linen curtains in our French house at the moment, one set over our French doors looking out to the garden and the other on the window next to it. We built a wooden pelmet over the pole to hide wires and what not last year so I love that but I do feel curtains should be nice and heavy with a good weight to them, don’t you? They both reach the floor but there’s something in me yearning for something a bit more grown up and smart in our living room. I love natural linen but for curtains it can look all a bit…thin and paper bag like. A bit like wearing a linen suit on your wedding day? So, now I’m feeling like I need to readdress the whole window treatment and I’ve been scouting about and thought I’d share these lovely grey velvet curtains with you that I found on John Lewis, could these be the ones?

Grey velvet curtains French styleOr maybe these delicious blue and white stripe curtains?

blue and white stripe curtains french style

What do you think?

#2 Get A New Cath Kidston Apron

Cath Kidston French style aprons

My little boy is very strange about receiving new things, it’s like every item we give him must go through some sort of initiation test before he’ll allow it into his world. I’m just realising, rather hilariously that I do the same. I really hold on for dear life to my old things and my Cath Kidston pinny is one of those items.

My current Cath Kidston apron I got given as a gift by my best friends the night before I packed up my little Ford Ka and headed off to my new life in France. It is so hard wearing but it does look pretty tired now, that makes it 13 years old this year ( yikes, it was only for a sabbatical ) so I’m thinking about getting a standby for when she’s in the wash. I literally wear an apron from the minute I get up until the minute I go to bed, no word of a lie! Is that weird? I love this one, so cheerful, French style and fifties and Woody would love cuddling up to me with all those sausage dogs!

Cath Kidston Sausage Dog Apron

#3 Get Some Lovely Kitchen Peg Hooks from Devol Kitchens

Devol Peg Rail Shelves

I think I made my obsession with Devol Kitchens clear a while back! I am a bit ( frankly )weirdly obsessed with their beautiful, muted colours and simple designs. I can’t afford one of their dreamy kitchens right now so I’m v happy that they sell all kinds of other beautiful rustic kitchen accessories to help you achieve their look. One of my favourite items are these lovely peg hooks from £180 although I like them so much I don’t think anyone would be allowed to hang their coat on them – not unless it was very, very beautiful!

#4 Treat The Kids to A Stylish Kids Duvet Set

Quality cotton kids duvet sets

I do believe that it’s worth investing in quality and none more so than in the bedding that so carefully envelopes you while you sleep. I really don’t see why children should be any exception to the rule. Look at this awesomely gorgeous space duvet set by The White Company! The White Company London has a fantastic sale on at the moment with up to 30% off duvets, sheets and pillows. So, if you are thinking of upgrading your own or your gite or holiday home bedding then now is the moment.

Space Duvet Set

As soon as I can I am going to upgrade Woody’s bedding to these, it’s a double edged sword really…maybe he’ll enjoy going to bed a bit more? Or is that just wishful thinking? zzzzzzzzzzzzZ

#5 Buy Copper Kitchen Utensils from Hema

Copper Kitchen Utensils Hema


Copper Strainer, £6, Hema.

I don’t have much to say about these other than they look so nice for cooking with. I got a really cool chopping board from Hema recently that you may remember me featuring in my post for The White Company Tarte Tatin Recipe. I totally adore Hema’s homeware collection, so many fab little items to peruse over. They also sell amazing stationery items like feathered pens ( what fun! ) and they’re a bargain.

Hema rustic wood chopping board

Acacia Chopping Board £15, Hema.

I thinking cooking a classic French Pot au Feu would be perfect with these and how nice would they look next to the Le Creuset casserole dishes? Lovely!

Have a fab weekend whatever you’re up to. Don’t miss Monday’s post where Woody and I will review The Biscuiteers Easter Tin Biscuits. They are heartbreakingly lush! xxx

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