It’s #leweekend : Tactical Instagramming, Striped Culottes & 1400 cals

It’s been a while, I know. I’m sorry, I didn’t forget you, I just had a whole load of other stuff I had to do and my usual #leweekend spot kept on slipping to the bottom of the pile. I hope you’ve had a good week, mine has been spent sneezing – grrr, hey ho!

I hope you have a great weekend, it’s yet another bank holiday here in France – May is just full of them! Have a good one x

  1. Harry

Don’t you just love Harry? I am so pleased I am actually going to an organised do to watch the Royal wedding. Mr Love French Style really isn’t interested but I do like Harry and Wills and I so loved watching the Kate and Wills show last time. Doesn’t that seem like ages ago? I really hope this one is going to be as moving, I feel that it probably won’t be in my heart of hearts but who knows, maybe I will be surprised. At least I will be enjoying the viewing with a glass of bubbles at the exciting new luxury holiday accommodation in Charente, La Vue.

Image : La Vue France

Gorgeous or what! La Vue France is also a brand new wedding venue too, wouldn’t it be a stunning place to tie the knot?

2. Tactical InstagrammingTactical instagramming

Do you know, I sometimes get so fed up with social media, it’s so tedious. I have a nice following on FB and Instagram ( thank you SO much for your follows and likes )  but I’m by no means up there with the big bloggers in terms of numbers. I am truly grateful for all of them I have, it’s not as easy as it looks.

What I do find extremely annoying is the tactical Instagramming that goes on, don’t you? So, I’m just going to have a very short rant about that if you don’t mind. When I choose to follow someone on IG it is usually because I enjoy their feed or feel we have something in common to share. Sometimes, if another user follows me, I will follow them back out of politeness providing they’re not up to anything weird. But, how freaking rude that you follow them back and them get unfollowed yourself. Non non non! Just saying, how rude! I shall be filtering my follows from now on, I just can’t be doing with all these break-ups.

3. Honesty

On the subject of being a good person, I truly believe we have a lot to learn from our kids. Take Woody for example, he almost always speaks his mind. He plays with who he wants, no exceptions and if someone is unkind to him, he tells them so. He’ll be 6 next week and sometimes I think he is far wiser than his years. I can’t wait to celebrate with him, my beautiful little treasure of a boy. LOVE you to the planets and beyond. x

4. 1400 Calories 

Now, after a spell out in fat land not caring and just going with the flow, I am losing weight slowly but surely – thank goodness for that. I feel so much better. Do you know, it is down to some good old fashioned calorie counting that I am managing to succeed.

As you know, I have been on WW and SW and recently I even embarked on The Med Diet and gained 3 kilos in 10 days. Oops. I actually think the Med Diet is really good but dangerous having no boundaries when you are a serial eater. So, I am combining the principles, less red meats, good fats and plenty of whole grains with the protection of a count up of the calories I am actually putting away. I’m enjoying it, and it is really good to actually learn more about what I am eating, the calories in each item etc so that I can build a really good eating regime that’s 100% personalised. I find that learning how many points are in something or the syn value just encourages me to cheat. I have never ever ever looked at calories in foods in my life so it is quite a revelation!

As I have said before, I have really had enough of fad dieting, eliminating things from my daily routine, giving up alcohol when I love nothing more than a wine while cooking the evening dinner. It’s all just so goddam boring. My days of skipping meals are well and truly over, I’m trying 1400 – 1600 cals per day as recommended on the NHS website. I’m amazed, it’s really quite doable!

5. Best Striped Culottes

One thing losing a bit of the old muffin top has allowed me is to buy myself a nice pair of culottes for summer. I absolutely love these ones from H&M and they were a real bargain too. Perfect ! £14.99 currently on sale at time of publishing at £8.99

6. Clarins Factor 30

Clarins £21.50

Just a quickie before I go, I absolutely love this Clarins Factor 30 sunscreen. leaves skin looking absolutely fabulous, perfectly hydrated and I think, a bit tanned too! Well worth it’s pricetag and a perfectly adequate Factor 30, have you seen the interesting information floating around about the tiny difference between sun protection factors? Interesting reading.

Have a great weekend you beauties and enjoy the Royal Wedding X

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