It’s Monday & Time for a Detox with Kusmi Tea

Every Monday I like to start the week with the best intentions! Monday is always the day for drinking detox tea, body brushing, washing the bed linen and doing my 5k run. I’m not a huge fan of green tea but I do love a nice herbal brew to get the week off to a good start.

Kusmi The Tsarevna

I recently found a Kusmi Tea shop in Nantes and have fallen in love with this French brand tea. A chic Parisian tea business with Russian roots, Kusmi was founded by Pavel Michailovitch Kousmichoff in 1867 in St Petersburg. The son of a paper merchant, Pavel and his family became one of the most wealthy in Russia with their combined business interests. As a young Russian he had travelled to London and fallen for the taste of a good British cuppa and with his own tea business already prospering, the Kusmi tea empire soon became a feature in many countries across the world. It was during the Russian revolution that he left for Paris and the family and business found a new home here in France.

Kusmi Tea Founder

Kusmi teas are big in Paris with several shops in chic locations and their popularity is worldwide with but a handful of franchises in the UK. From their scrumptious sounding Spearmint and Sweet Love blend to charming Prince Vladimir, Kusmi Tea Paris has distinct packaging and a variety of healthy tea options to try, including the lovely Kusmi Detox Tea and Kusmi BB Detox Tea. Their current favourite, Tsarevna with hints of orange zest and spices sounds like the perfect blend for over the festive season.

So, having seen Kusmi around in France I was wondering where to buy Kusmi Tea in the UK. After a bit of research I’m delighted to see that John Lewis has a great selection. Whether you find the perfect tea for yourself or are thinking of unusual Christmas presents, these also make great tea gifts for under £20.00.

Right, that’s the run done, check, body brush, check, laundry, check – time for a Kusmi detox tea!

French detox tea

French Tea Brands

Best Detox tea

Kusmi Tea

Good enough to convince the self confessed builder’s brew drinker? Mais Oui! 




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