It’s the #weekend : Sophie Robinson, French Brandade & Magnificent Magnesium

Bonjour Vendredi, I’m so not channeling the Friday Feeling this week! I’ve had an exhausting old week with a poorly tot, muddling along with a million things to do each day and I’m pooped. I’m looking forward to some sleep tbh. On the plus side, my little nephew just turned one and seeing his little face eating cake via Whatsapp was an inexplicable joy, we got him some gorgeous little leather baby shoes and a lovely baby Breton top. It’s wet and rainy and I need to find a solution for keeping muddy boots in their own space, not where I trip over them by the front door! Any ideas?

Here’s a few things to check out this weekend, have a good one x

#1 Sophie Robinson – LOVE her!


Sophie Robinson fro The Great Interior Design Challenge

Image : Sophie Robinson

My new on screen icon is gorgeous Sophie Robinson of The Great Interior Design Challenge, she’s so cool. I love her dress sense, jewellery, bossiness ( ha ha ha ) and found myself commenting on her blog the other night where she promptly replied in person, and what a delight she is off air too. With all kinds of tips on decorating, styling and how to bring colour ( she loves that ) into a family home, I strongly recommend a little five minutes with a coffee browsing her fab blog this weekend. I wonder who and what we will see on the show on Monday?

#2 Buy a Bold Spring Necklace

There’s simply nothing more cheerful than a good old statement necklace. I love these…

Bright pink chunky bead necklace Joules

Mika Twisted Bead Necklace £29.95 Joules

Statement ruby and sapphire necklace Azuni London

Hera Round Pendant Necklace, Azuni London £50.00

Chunky molecule necklace etsy

Handmade Molecule Necklace at Etsy 60.77e

#3 EAT French Brandade.

French brandade


This is a brilliantly simple dish that looks nice and cheffy and sophisticated for a last minute dinner-dash for friends. This is also really good recipe inspiration for slimming world as it’s almost syn free. ( I love that diet – a stone down hurrah! ).

My three year old loves this too so I don’t use the traditional salted cod nor do I mix it all together. Just use fresh cod tail or loin and stack it, it gives it such a glam look à la table. Here’s all you need to do it, very hastily!

*Boil and mash potatoes but instead of adding butter, pop in a splash of milk and a splidge of olive oil, salt and pepper and some fresh basil leaves.

*Pan fry the cod and break up with a fork while in the pan. Using one of those cheffy ring things pile on the mash then remove the ring, add the cod to the top then sprinkle with some chopped cherry tomatoes and a dash of balsamic.

*Maybe add a little rocket salad on the side and definitely drizzle a splash of olive oil on the top if you’re not dieting! We had ours with pickled samphire which was delish. Et voila…

I’ll let you decide on weights, I usually allow about 100g of cod per person and 200g spuds.

#4 Brush up on English grammar

Learning English Grammar for adults

Do you know, I never got taught grammar at school and it can make learning a foreign language more tricky too. It seems that back in the eighties and nineties they just stopped teaching it and left us to fend for ourselves. I’m working my way through this little grammar book, available on Amazon here . I’m only on page 1 so bear with…it’s nowhere near as much fun as reading interior magazines.

#5 Try Taking Magnesium For Stress & Tiredness

Zen buddha

Feeling tired and stressed? When I’m worn out, I get so grumpy. This week when I took the boy to the Dr for his persistant cough and cold she signed him off school for the week and the two weeks half term afterwards. He has literally had every Monday off for the past month. She had a point, he was just completely exhausted from being ill and, I think going to big boys French school. In true French healthcare style she then turned to me and asked, ” And how about you, are you tired? ”

As Mum’s we often forget to take care of ourselves and it’s true, tending to a coughing, spluttering tot with a temperature all through the night does rather take it’s toll a bit after a few days. There is a lovely sense of care for mothers and their wellbeing in France I have to say. She may also have noted I was wearing odd socks and had lipstick on my teeth of course? Nice. So, he came out with cough medicine and a sick note ( he is over the moon ) and I walked out with Magnesium and B6 for myself. I do feel less edgy and tired already so perhaps she was right. Merci Docteur. Try it, it’s a great supplement, she actually thinks anyone remotely highly strung ( moi? ) should do a cure for at least two weeks three times a year.

Enjoy the weekend, here’s a little taster of my blog on styling pastels coming on Monday x

Styling pastels spring summer 2016

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