Kitchen Design and Decor – Tips for Foodies

If you love your food, chances are you also enjoy cooking up a storm at home too. Being able to prepare whatever you want yourself doesn’t only save you money, but it can also be healthier and more conducive to a happy life. Therefore, having a well-designed kitchen and space to cook in is so important so here we will be exploring some of the best design and décor tips to make your kitchen like that of a pro.

Space for Preparation

Making sure you choose materials that suit the way that you cook as well as your needs is a great grounding. For example, if you are one who works closely with acidic foods or foods known to stain, then it is highly advised that you choose a strong surface such as granite to stop the development of stains and scratches. You should also customize your worktops so they’re the perfect height to work from.

Having the right equipment to prep food is the best way to protect your surfaces. We find a combination of chopping boards is best, some plastic for things like meat, some wood for veggies, pizza rolling or bread. The trend for natural wood surfaces is still big in kitchens, this link can provide you with the best walnut cutting board to keep your kitchen safe, clean and oh so stylish in one.

Get Yourself a Butcher’s Block

A legendary item for your busy kitchen! Butcher’s blocks can either be installed as an under-mount into your kitchen island or can exist freestanding. It provides an area to prepare ingredients that you may want to keep separate due to their strong flavours or contamination, for example, garlic, chili and meat. They are a very handy way to add extra space for prepping food and are also extremely versatile. They are also a great way to add a chic but modern tone to a kitchen design and nice and convivial too.

Keep Things Clean with Stone

Using stone to line the walls of your kitchen (especially by cooking elements) doesn’t only look modern and neat, but it also gives your kitchen an elegant appearance. Using a slab rather than tiling is a lot easier to clean as there is no grout for dirt and stains to build up in. The slabs used as backsplashes are usually made from the same materials that line the countertops of your kitchen. While this design is more of a high-end option, the benefits of how sturdy it is and how clean it keeps your kitchen are highly praised.

Install Refrigerator Drawers

Yes yes yes! Having drawers that keep your food refrigerated are brilliant when it comes to keeping everything fresh and cool. They are a fantastic must have storage space for your kitchen. They can be designed to appear the same as all your other drawers which makes them look neat and tidy as they don’t have to stand alone. They are perfect when it comes to having that extra cool space to store beverages and drinks, or can be a great way to keep meats and other potential contaminants separate from your other produce.

These tips are just a handful of what you can do to customize your cooking space to not only look good, but to function better too. Putting in the time and paying attention to detail really can make your life easier, and you will be able to impress all the guests that step into your clean, zen, fun, professional space.

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