Not all stripes are created equal and BodenBoden never fails to impress with a sweet little array of stripes to wear across all seasons. The Boden Relaxed Breton Tunic has been my go-to piece in 2015.

The Boden Relaxed Breton Tunic : 5 Reasons to lust after it, live in it and love it!

tunictunic2Boden has a stripe for all seasons, a truly fantastic British brand with a frisson of French style (without the awkward sizing issues ). While I loved my sleeveless blouse for oyster slurping on the Ile de Ré and adored my short sleeved striped t shirt for rock pooling with turned up shorts, my hands down favourite item for this summer is my Breton Striped Tunic – a beautifully comfortable top that just kept on giving.

Allez, au marché

This old faithful accompanied me on the Eurostar to Lille, for tea on Southwold Pier, to London to see the sights and then, when most others would have given up the ghost, saw me through family camping on Ile d’Oleron in France, loved crawling out of the tent in style! As if that wasn’t enough, here’s another five great reasons to invest in one –

1.Look French ( without the tummy tightness)

Boden striped tops and tunics fit properly, just like a traditional mariniere top with stripes that meet up where they’re supposed to and flattering necklines to boot. Unlike many, the Boden tunic skims over mum tums beautifully ( leaving plenty of room for the fromage ).


The Boden tunic is generous around the hips ( a big thumbs up from me ) so it’s nice and comfortable for cycling on Autumn afternoons. Allez – fetch the croissants en vélo without fear of flashing your knickers!

3.La Rentrée

The French mums get dressed nice and smart for la rentrée in September, show off a little British style in your Boden tunic and feel one of the crowd…only better.

4.10/10 on the Mum test

Crawling about looking for bits of lego or chasing a three year old around the house to wipe his chocolately fingers, the Boden tunic keeps it shape even in the least glamorous of situations.

5.Impromptu date night with Monsieur

Only just got the kids into bed and scrabbled a dinner together in hope of some adult conversation? No time to change? Fear not, the Boden tunic transforms beautifully into elegant evening wear. Just whip off the pinny, apply some lippy then pull out the bourgignon from the aga and you’re away.

Love Boden stripes too? How do you wear yours?



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