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Every now and again when you click on one of those Instagram follow suggestions, you come across a real gem. Laboté Paris custom made botanical skincare is one of them. An exciting, fresher look at skincare products, made to measure in Paris. What’s not to love about that?

The brains behind the Paris based skincare brand are a group of talented pharmacists based in Rue Madame 75006. After completing an online video conference with one of their skincare experts or filling out a quick skincare questionnaire online, your cutaneous profile is created and used to formulate your very own personalised skincare products from natural, botanical ingredients. The skincare questionnaire and advice is available in English although delivery is within France only for the time being.

I absolutely LOVE everything about Laboté from their concept, to product, packaging and customer service.

Custom made skincare paris

During the course of your online consultation where you’ll be asked a few quick questions about about your skin, routine and environmental factors you can also choose the consistency of your new skincare products and the colour you prefer for the packaging. I LOVE that, don’t you?

Custom made skincare paris

So, I am starting out my new “fresh” skincare routine with Laboté Beauty wave which is a fantastic customised botanical cleansing oil. I wear soft contact lenses and tend to avoid oils because they put everything in soft focus for me for days due to deposits on my lids and lenses! I got the bamboo wash mitt with my oil which is great for deep cleansing, boosting circulation and wiping away makeup. An extra rinse around the eyes ensures no oil is left on your lashes causing problems with smears and grease patches. The results are amazing, this is a fantastic makeup remover, full of fresh botanicals as you can see above and leaves skin nicely hydrated after rinsing.

For the morning, my pharmacist recommended using Eaux Florales which are steam extracted essences from flowers rather than the full cleanse. I’m currently using Mauve water from a farmshop and the smell is INTERESTING! However, Laboté will be launching their own range of floral waters in Autumn so I can’t wait to try one of theirs.

custom made botanical skincare

I am also now using the Laboté Beauty Shot Serum which, unlike any others I have tried before, is of a milky consistency. It has the most amazing scent, like a bouquet of fresh flowers and I have noticed a real improvement in my skin tone in a short space of time. I hope to try the day and night creams next month.

You are provided with a list of ingredients to avoid which is shocking when you then see how many products contain them!

Labote Paris custom skincare

As you can see, the shelf life on these freshly made cosmetics is way shorter than those you find in store. When you visit a Laboté store, you won’t find many bottles on the shelves as each order is processed, made and delivered to order from the laboratory on site. Fresh petals and extracts galore, divine.

I make a real effort to feed myself and my family unprocessed foods as much as possible so it makes perfect sense that I should do the same for my skin too.

All the botanical actives are listed on the skincare reference sheet which is delivered with each order, along with skincare tips and advice uniquely tailored for you. In my list were things like Aloe Vera, Calendula, a cocktail of antioxidents to slow down ageing plus a mattifying powder for my shiny bits!

Labote Skincare Paris

It’s been a long, hot summer here in France but my skin is fresher looking, hydrated and I feel so good about using natural ingredients on my face. I have also not suffered from the usual effects of redness and sensitive skin that I sometimes have with essential oils.

Natural botanical skincare customised

This picture is makeup free, apart from my habitual mascara and liner and my face would usually have more red areas and a more uneven skintone. I’m no spring chicken but I am truly delighted with the results.

custom made skincare paris

Personalised skincare routines paris

Fancy making a change to your skincare regime? Vegan, planet friendly products made to order could be for you!

For more information about Laboté you can visit them in store during your trip to Paris at Laboté, Rue Madame, 75006 Paris or online at


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