Lasting Chic Home Style

One of the things I have always loved about a French style home is the beautiful backdrop that the subtle colour palette gives your belongings. An easy look to create and maintain, styling up à la Française is a sure way to achieve chic lasting style.

Here are some tips and tricks on putting together a classic look to last the test of time.

Organised Eclecticism

Eclectic is good, chaos is not! Putting together a look that follows a classic style is a great way to add some order to your home at the same time. Contrary to what you might have previously thought, you most certainly can inject personality without over cluttering your home with your wordly possessions. Choose good storage to arrange and display your favourite pieces, tidying as you go to keep your room design as pared back as you can. Glass cabinets are great for displaying heirlooms and favourite precious pieces while clutter is probably best hidden behind solid doors. Some of my favourite rooms combine antiques with modern items – see what suits your home best.

Keep things simple and allow the design elements that you include to stand out and shine. 

Understated Elegance

You know when you have stumbled upon a truly brilliantly put together home because it feels like a great place to spend time. Whether it is a hotel bar, a chic living room of a friend or a memorable holiday home – take note of what it is that makes it so special and use it at home.

Maybe it feels calm and peaceful, vibrant and fun or bursting with beautiful things. Simple colours that work harmoniously together will help bring peace to your living areas. Here at Love French Style Blog we love white, pearl greys and the contrast of charcoal. For a warmer palette, warm white with midnight blues and metallic accents works well. If you choose lighting you love from the outset, you can always upgrade later with fresh shades – look for timeless shapes and styles to suit your home and family needs.

Classic Furniture

Of course, just because you’re keeping things simple doesn’t mean that you can’t make a statement with your decor. One of the best ways to bring some serious, long-lasting style into your home is to find some pieces of statement furniture. if a grand chesterfield is your thing then places like The Crafted Sofa Company have fantastic pieces that can act as the centrepiece of any room, bringing a touch of classic style into your home that will make a huge difference. If you like fabric, natural linens in beige, greys and blues can work into any scheme. With stain protection products, there’s no need to keep these types of furnishings on show. Live in them and let them become your comfort pieces to sink into – noone wants to live in a show home!

Classically shaped legs on sofas add class and sophistication as well as create the feeling of space by being able to see through and under piece of furniture so that they don’t block large areas of your room. Choose coffee tables with storage, shapely legs and a hardwearing surface to last the test of time.

Fashionable Accents not Fashion Victim 

Going classic doesn’t mean you can’t give a nod to current home trends. You can easily upgrade by updating your accent colours in your rooms like cushions, curtains and blinds. Many colours come in and out of fashion over the years – greens and pinks, navy and yellow, purples and pinks – all marry together in a classic way when combined with metallic lamp bases and classic oversized rugs. You can follow fashion without becoming a slave to the style by adding modern prints in seasonal hues but be mindful of your classic base style and try to stay true to it.

There are some universal style qualities that are worth hanging onto but remember that your home is your chateau and you have final say over the way that it looks. Take inspiration from other homeowners and designers then pop your own stamp on your style x

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