Le Déménagement Outre-Mer: Moving Abroad Made Easy

It’s a well-accepted fact that it can be tough to move house, but moving abroad with kids in tow, well that would be off that chart, right? In fact, it’s not as hard as you might think, especially if you follow the tips provided in the guide below.

Making Dreams a Reality

One way that you can make that overseas move less stressful as well as cheaper is to pare down the items you will take with you before you go. Yes, that does mean that you have to get a little ruthless and only take the absolute essentials that you cannot do without.

Moving to France after Brexit

Of course, this leaves you with another problem, and that is what to do with the stuff that you don’t want to take with you? Well, some folks sell it all and put the money towards the move. However, if you haven’t decided whether you are moving for good, or have some pieces that you would like to keep, but just aren’t practical for the new place then there is another option.

This is to rent out a space like the ones in these Bekins Moving Solutions storage facilities in which you can keep your treasured items for collection later on. Then you can decide to have them shipped over at a later date, or they will be there ready for you to unpack if you choose to move back to your home country. Having lived abroad for many years, I think it’s really important to not view it as your last move just in case you have a change of heart. Living abroad is not for everyone and family changes can influence your feelings about living far away from your friends and family. 

Be Organised

Organisation is also super important when it comes to moving overseas. After all, it’s not like you are loading up the back of the car and then diving down the road. In fact, if you are getting your items shipped over to your new place of residence you may not see them for as much as six weeks! What this means that you need to be very clear on what you can do without and what you will need straight away.

Moving to France post Brexit

The latter group usually consists of things like clothes, toiletries, toys for the kids, as well as essential kitchen equipment and stuff like towels. These are the items that you will need to pack in your luggage and take with you as you move, while anything else can be wrapped carefully and added to the shipping container. Preferably with an organised list of what is where so you don’t have a nightmare when it comes to unpacking everything.

Be Smart

Last of all when it comes to moving abroad it can be a truly momentous time for you and your family. Yes, in fact, it may well be the best thing that you ever did, but it can certainly help to set up an action plan to make the transition as comfortable as possible.

On such a plan you can include things like researching your new town or neighbourhood before you get there, as well as scheduling in regular Skype chats with family and friends that you have left behind. Something that in particular can make the experience of le déménagement outre-mer a lot easier for your little ones. 


Bon courage x


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