It’s Le Weekend : Meditation Apps, Working the Pyjama Jacket Trend & Boots Colour Match

White christmas tree decorationsBrrrr, looking out onto the French garden today it looks like Christmas postcard. How did it get to December so quickly?

Enjoy a fabulous, fun, creative and restful weekend, here’s a few lovely discoveries this week.

1.Meditation Apps

Calm Meditate sleep relax meditation app

Ever have trouble winding down and nodding after after a busy day, or perhaps you go to bed with a mindful of worry? Our recent discovery here at Love French Style Blog is the whole new world of meditation and sleep apps. Who knew that this little lot existed and how useful are they to plug in and drift away to when your mind is buzzing and even the tiniest noise stops you from nodding off to sleep. Fancy a bedtime story? Download Calm Meditation App here.

2.Working the Pyjama Jacket Trend

Pyjama Jacket Trend

So this trend is a rather fascinating one isn’t it? We loved the beautiful green pyjama jacket Trinny Woodall was wearing on her vlog and now they’re everywhere. In our view these definitely look best with jeans and a smart shoe, just to reiterate the fact that you have dressed in a pyjama jacket intentionally, not just fallen out of bed and tried to get away with going on the school run in your slob gear.

Here is a lovely one to try… 

Shop Pyjama Jacket TrendPrinted Pyjama Shirt by Zara £25.99

3.Boots Colour Match Service

Boots Perfect Colour Match Service


So, Louisa had a great time in Boots recently getting a little makeover from a delightful lady in the St Albans store. Boots now offer a colour match service to help you find the perfect foundation tone for your skin. We are really impressed and they also provide you with a list of perfectly suiting lippies and eye shades too.

4.Making the Perfect Oeuf à la Coque

How to make the perfect boiled egg

So, everyone loves a boiled egg don’t they? But why oh why is it so hard to get such a simple thing right. Just got to share it, 4 minutes. 4 minutes, not 3 or 2 or 1 or 5. FOUR! Ok?

How to make the perfect boiled egg


5.Christmas Wreath Tutorials on Youtube

DIY Christmas Wreath

So, what started out as a bit of fun on Facebook led us to make the discovery of the Youtube wreath tutorial! Willow, old twigs or apple tree branches – anything is possible.

Are you giving in and putting the tree up this weekend?

Have a great one!

Katie and Louisa xx

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