It’s le #Weekend : Muji Perspex, Sowing Wildflowers and Ola Paella!


It’s been a while since I’ve posted a le weekend edit and I apologise profusely for my wicked behaviour! Things have been kind of hectic here since Wilbur the puppy showed up and I’ve been busy launching an online shop for a client in Japan. Let’s face it, there’s only so many places you can be at once in a day!

So, here I am again and this week has been equally chaotic. I seem to be constantly rescuing a pair of pants from the dogs jaws or picking up another pair off the floor. Do you sometimes feel like no matter what you do you just can’t keep your house tidy? I could do with some kind of maid service couldn’t you?

Here’s Five of My Favourite Things This Week – 

  1. Muji Perspex Storage Cubes


So, my new favourite person to follow on Instagram is @trinnywoodall, God, I love her! Brilliant beauty tips for hair, face and makeup and bloody hilarious videos, she makes my day ( and is costing me a small fortune ). Note to oneself, you DO NOT have to buy everything she recommends! Anyway, during one of her recent vids I spotted some lush perspex bathroom storage behind her. As usual, she always responds and let me in on her secret, Muji Perspex. Available in cubes of all shapes and sizes for jewellery, cosmetics and general tat. one of these makes even the most mundane objects look fabulous. I now need this in my life to organise me and change me for the better, and so do you!

2. Sowing Wildflowers #Springwatch #SOS

Springwatch sowing wildflowers

So, a dear friend shared this video with me about how simply planting a few wildflowers can make massive differences to the wildlife in your garden, even if it is only a tiny one. Woody and I set about planting some wildflowers this week to bring in the butterflies and ladybirds and he has been learning all about Papillions and Coccinelles at school so the timing is perfect. We got some lovely wicker planters like these but as the video shows, you really can plant your wildflower seeds in absolutely anything, even an old laundry basket. I think they would look great in a lovely rusty old vintage bucket, but I’m yet to find one!

3. A Beautiful Pheasant Mug

Pheasant mug

What could be more charming than sipping your morning cup of char from one of these stunning wildlife mugs by Pheasant Plucker and Son Lincolnshire. I adore the beautiful jewel-like hues of the new pheasant mug but still can’t decide which one is my favourite, can you?

4. I’ve Started Sleeping in A Hairnet!

Tie up hairnets for sleeping

Try not to laugh. I’ve got that really fine hair that looks like I’ve done a round with Mike Tyson in the morning. Since I have gone REALLY blonde for the summer my hairdresser thought it might be wise to try and not wash it so often to stop it getting too dry, especially now the sun is starting to show her face again. So, I got this tie up hairnet to sleep in. So far, it works a treat but the chances of me ever having a second baby are probably pretty slim!

5. Friday Night Paella Recipe

Jamie Oliver Paella

Tonight I will mostly be cooking a nice little Paella dish for us all. I absolutely love Paella, even more so since I had a really fab one in Barcelona a short time ago although I drank so much Sangria it’s a wonder I can remember it. I really love the combination of the warm spice, chorizo and chicken with lovely light seafood, delicious! Here is a great little Jamie Oliver Paella recipe that’s so easy to knock up. The beauty of this peasant dish is you can really freestyle and add what you like, from simple chicken to clams and prawns, the world is your oyster – don’t forget to have a fizz while you’re cooking it!

Have a super weekend xxx

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