It’s le #weekend : Yves Rocher Pink Lipstick, Eclat Jersey & Big Knickers

St Clement des Baleines Ile De Re

Wow, that went in a flash – one minute we zipped off to the beautiful Ile de Ré to slurp oysters and drink Muscadet and the next we were home with a bang, and then today, rain! Ho hum,it was such fun while it lasted and a lovely bonding moment for Woody and Wilbur running wild and free on the beach together!

Here’s a few things I’m liking a lot this week. Have a fab weekend! x

1.The Perfect Pink Lipstick

perfect pink lipstick Yves Rocher

For a while now, one of my guilty pleasures when picking my son up from school is to nip into Yves Rocher and check out their range of lipsticks. Yves Rocher, yes, I know…it’s a bit seventies isn’t it? Well, actually, you’d be pleasantly surprised. They are actually not so dissimilar to the likes of L’Occitane de Provence in the sense that they grow their own aromatics and flowers for their plant based beauty products.

So, this Friday, try to free your mind of lavender hand cream for a moment and consider this delightful perfect pink lipstick in shade 47, currently with 48% off! It’s one of those really nice fresh spring pinks that is so lovely you can’t resist a splodge on the apples of your cheeks too. Afraid of pink? Fear not, this hasn’t even a hint of Pat Butcher about it. You might also like this matching pink lip pencil in Woody Purple to go with it.

2. Eclat Jersey

Eclat Jersey

When I was visiting my friend in Jersey last year she took me to her fave little boutique in Gorey Village.

Eclat Jersey

I love Eclat Jersey, a gorgeously eclectic little boutique with THE most adorable accessories. This fab mother and daughter duo have awesome tastes and will ship anywhere too so you don’t have to live on Jersey to enjoy their style.

Eclat Jersey Eclat Jersey







3. Massive Knickers For Massive Bottoms

Best sexy big knickers

Probably not the most attractive of titles for this item! However, I have arrived at an age where my face is unrecognisable first thing due to bags and wrinkles and my backside is so massive we are planning on moving the loo to a more spacious part of the bathroom. I mean, really???

Anyway, as I am acutely aware that I have an underwear drawer in need of some TLC or CIA ( chuck it away ), I think some new knickers is probably not a bad idea. Marks and Spencer have come up trumps with some gorgeous designs recently, particularly the Rosie range. So, if you are in the same big knicker boat as me right now then these sexy big knickers might appeal to you. A nice combo of big bum and Frenchie non?

4. Twinings Pure Peppermint Tea

Twinings Pure Peppermint Tea

So, I never try to cut back on wine in January and February, there are just too many other things to be thinking about ( could be the reason for the big pants ). Anyway, now spring is on it’s merry little way I do find that a good herbal tea just rounds things off nicely and stops over indulgence. Twinings Pure Peppermint Tea is my new favourite. I’m not a massive fan of green tea and as most mint teas are mixed with it I do struggle to find one I like. Hallelujah, this one is a beauty, try it – even Monsieur Love French Style likes it. Here is a lovely voucher code you can use, just pop in AMAZING at the checkout and get 3 for 2 on pyramid teabags.

5. French Salmon and Sorrel Recipe

April Fools Day

Tomorrow is April 1st and in France they called it Le Poisson d’Avril. One year at work the butcher opposite my office painted the whole of the front of his shop to look like a Fish counter. It was so funny: must have taken him hours!

So, as it’s also Friday and in honour of the lovely Boucher – here is a lovely salmon and sorrel recipe that I will be cooking tonight.

Bon appetit and bon weekend x

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