It’s #leweekend edit: Candy Striped Cushions, Chandelier Beads, Ian Mankin Fabric & The Best Hoover Known to Man

Mais bonjour, here we are again. I hope you’ve had an excellent week, mine has been a little frantic cracking on with some major building works, donning a drill whilst wearing pink lippy and visiting some rather randy animals at a French zoo ( even the animals like a bit of amour here ). So, there’s been a lot of mess what with the windows going in but you will have some lovely before and after posts to enjoy very soon – there’s nothing like looking at other people’s chaos to inspire your own interior decorating.

That said, I’ve wiped my laptop clean, said au revoir to the builder and thought I’d share these French inspired beauties with you to try out this weekend! Have a good one bisous x

#1 Candy Striped Cushions

Candy Striped Cushions

I love a stripe, in the house or on my person and I just adore these candy striped cushions from Castorama in hot pink stripe, available online at for just 9e99. I’m having these!

#2 Ian Mankin French Style Fabric

Ian Mankin French Style Fabrics

I love natural designer fabrics like linens and grain sack style fabrics. I think pulling these together in your home is a fast track way to achieving that relaxed rustic French farmhouse style decor we love so much. Ian Mankin is my favourite natural and organic linen brand for French style fabrics, check out his latest collection- it really is full of natural beauty. I love Blazer Stripe and Angus to the point of giddiness – swoon swoon x

#3 Chandelier Drops and Beads

French style Chandelier beads and drops

So, I told you a while back I met an old Frenchman in Intermarche and exchanged a fiver for a lovely old light he had for sale? Standard Sunday morning behaviour – pictures coming next week of the finished article. I am in the process of painting it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Dark Wax to give it less of a shiny seventies look and more the rustic French style I love. It was still really missing something but then I found these pretty chandelier drops to add a bit of bling à la Française, what do you think?

#4 French Style Door Pediments

French style door pediments

Image : Pinterest

This is an idea I have pinched from my moments of inspiration cruising Pinterest and I just think these French style door pediments are just lovely. Don’t you?

French style door pediment

Image : Pinterest

You don’t need to spend a fortune to dress up a rather empty or ugly looking door frame with one of these, I found one that had fallen off an old armoire at a French brocante. Happy hunting!

#5 The Best Hoover For Pet Hair 2016

Best hoover for pet hair 2016

I’m unashamedly proud to share this rather dull information with you but it beats talking about tupperware I guess. As a pet owner, a very hairy one at that ( her, not me ) I think combining children and pets with creating a stylish living space is a real triumph when you get it right. I recently read a fab article on Swoon Worthy Blog about having a stylish home and pets and she has some great tips – and a totally amazing house. My Mum always says to me, “get the right tools for the job dear,” and this is yet another occasion when she is absolutely right. Having spent the past year with a borrowed Dyson that skimmed the surface of the sisal carpet leaving dog dreads wrapped around the chair legs,  I’d finally had enough one day which is when I discovered Vax make a totally fantastique hoover for pet hair. I would now like to introduce you to the best hoover for pet hair in the world, ever, fact and also my new best friend. Do I need to get out more?

Don’t miss Monday’s post where I will be introducing you to a gorgeous French felt maker! Ooh, have a good one x

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