#leweekend edit : Timeless Black Trousers, Olaplex Hair Repair & Cherry Clafoutis

Well hello there you lovelies and my apologies for my absence this last week. Between planning for our living room makeover ( coming soon ) and working on an exciting new Charente wedding destination project, the hours kind of raced away with me. I am totally dreaming of just kicking back in a hammock in our little garden. My friend always packs the family’s hammocks in when they’re away travelling, wouldn’t you just love one?!

I acquired THE best pair of black trousers I’ve ever owned this week so I can’t wait to share the joy with you! Have a great weekend and here’s five fab things to try out in your precious downtime from our #leweekend edit…

#1 The Best Flattering Straight Black Trousers Ever. Fact.Flattering straight black trousers

So, I was lucky enough to acquire a pair of black trousers from Me + Em this week and boy, they are pretty special. I’ve been on a weight loss mission since Christmas and at last I’ve finally ditched that baby weight ( four years on – no excuses, more a cheese and wine baby )  so at 9kg down I wanted some flattering black trousers to dress up or down, a wardrobe staple I think Trinny and Susannah would call them. Don’t you find that once you’re into your thirties some skinny jeans are just a little bit too much like torture instruments? They really give me a bad tummy and, I am pretty sure sciatica aswell! So I really am in favour of a stylish straight cut at the moment, Audrey Hepburn styly.

If you’re in the same boat and hate everything you own right now then the trousers I urge you to rush out and buy without hesitation this weekend are Me + Em Stretch Gabardine Boy Cut Trousers currently priced at £82.00 instead of £112.00. They’re the kind of black trousers that don’t age neither in shape nor colour and they feel grown up and sophisticated, and you’ll feel well turned out. Cut from a lovely, thick fabric that slinks over the tummy and for once, with the perfect trouser length for shorter pins. I can’t rave enough about them, get them, you won’t be disappointed I promise.

#2 Olaplex Hair Repair Treatment.

Olaplex hair repair

I’ve been ” blonde” ahem, for many years now and after all this time living in the sun my hair is now kind of begging for mercy. Combing my hair has been a challenge to say the least and the ends were frazzled to bits like a perm from the eighties. My dear, talented and very patient Charente based hairdresser Jon Redman made me promise to stop taking the kitchen scissors to my own hair and going dodgy shades of chestnut between visits and is actively reining back the dye and working on restoring some kind of natural, glossy texture on my tired locks. What strikes me is it takes so much more time, colour and creativity to restore natural colour than it does to keep whacking on the highlights. This time he introduced me to Olaplex hair repair treatment. This fab little treatment allows you to safely colour your hair, all the stars and supermodels use it, and me now too ( ha ha )! Ask your hairdresser about an Olaplex treatment next time you have an appointment, I am really noticing the difference already. Thanks Jon x

#3 Invest In A New Feather Duvet.

John Lewis Feather duvets

Not something you need to do all that often admittedly, but buying a new duvet, as well as the covers to go with it is like taking a yoga retreat or drinking a spinach smoothie in my book – it just does something good for your soul. My little four year old doesn’t like sleeping in his own bed much. I thought it might be a Feng Shui thing so I’ve moved his bed round the room more times than he’s brushed his hair this year. My husband always says I am like the Princess and the Pea, I really love my sleep and have got a bit of a ” thing” about having a comfortable bed to sleep in. Call it ageing, fussy, a virgo trait, I don’t know, but what struck me is that my little mini me was probably not happy with his current bedding situation either. So, I took the plunge and invested in a new feather duvet for his little single bed, popped the old one under the sheet and presented his new sleeping quarters to him tentatively yesterday. The little sausage slept all night, snug as a bug. I love the look of these John Lewis feather duvets from £40.00-£80.00. If you’re having trouble getting a good forty winks in maybe it’s time to turn your bedroom into a plush hotel suite too? Woody is loving his although he didn’t settle his bill this morning…

#4 Loire Wines, A Nice Light Weekend Tipple.

Loire wines Waitroise cellar

I love a nice crisp white wine but they can be rather hit and miss can’t they? So much more risky than reds which, unless you really go for the flattest of the flat bottom cooking wine you can’t go too far wrong, even if you’re no great wine buff. If you’ve never tried wine from the Loire region then Waitrose Cellar is a good place to start. I’ve picked out this Atlantique Sauvignon Blanc as a bargain, quality wine to try this weekend as it’s currently available at £5.99. Nice and crisp, so perfect with Friday fish dish. Chin chin!

#5 Bake A Cherry Clafoutis.

French cherry clafoutis recipe

When we ran a bed and breakfast in France, I used to find adding a nice eggy Cherry Clafoutis recipe to the breakfast table was a great way to add style and fruit in one easy hit and we used to get loads of beautiful cherries in the summer months. This Raymond Blanc clafoutis recipe is a nice easy one, it’s basically a batter poured over chunks of fruit and it’s a lovely homemade looking dish so no need for need edges – you can happily make this in pyjamas. You can make a good clafoutis using jars of morello cherries just as successfully though. The Drs here always tell you to only eat viennoisserie on Sundays, living a good and beautiful life is about moderation after all. So, on Sunday morning, make a fabulous French press coffee and treat yourself to a nice cherry clafoutis with a dusting of icing sugar to finish. Yum!

Have a great weekend, don’t miss Monday’s post, I will be showing you how to make kitchen seat pads from vintage French sheets x

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