It’s #leweekend : Fedora Hats, Stylish Rucksacks & Pelvic Floor

Brr it’s le weekend and it’s a bit parky isn’t it? Time to get the winter woollies on and channel your inner Mrs Tiggywinkle.

Have a great weekend!

  1. #Lifegoals

As time flies the importance of having some achievable life goals seems ever more important after 40. It’s almost Christmas again FFS.

Did you achieve all you wanted in 2017?  Do you believe a healthy body equals a healthy mind? After kids you can feel a bit blughhh can’t you? An attempt at a forward roll demo nearly ended in a trip to A&E a few weeks ago, yes, really.

How do you keep yourself young? I have a friend who has got really into cycling and she looks incredible. I sometimes feel that with the joys of motherhood also comes so much less time to do the things you love, things just for you.  Do you love yoga, but never take the time? Maybe climbing is your thing? Is it time to dig out your climbing carabiner and take to the peaks once again? My goal is to get fit again and enjoy the process, somehow!
#goalsPelvic Floor

Talking of fitness…ever feel this is an issue? Pelvic Floor? Or like skinny jeans give you sciatica?!! A recent article in a women’s health mag suggests doing this at the bus stop, the squeeze technique to improve pelvic strength, potentially stop you peeing yourself at a funny joke and actually help steer you toward a flatter tum.

Who knew. How do you do your daily twenty in public without looking like you are holding in a trump?

2. Marble Plates from Next Direct

Yes, yes, yes and yes! Beautiful plates as part of a 12 piece dinner service for just 36e, awesome customer service and next day delivery in France too – winner!

marble plates next day delivery

Marble Plates by Next Direct 36e

3. Animal Print Rucksack

Fitness and plumbing issues aside, you don’t have to be a fan of hiking to sport a stylish ruck sack  this season. We are loving this gorgeous animal print design by Boden. Safe for on the bus or tube from prying eyes and plenty of space for lipsticks, lipsticks and more lipsticks.

leopard print rucksack

Whitehaven Rucksack by Boden from £120.00

4. Fedora Hat

Do you wear a hat in the winter? Wouldn’t this be a super cool option?

Womens fedora hat

Fedora Hat with Stormwear by Marks and Spencer from £29.50

5. An Illuminating Powder 

Bourjois Illuminating Powder

Bourjois Pourdre de Riz de Java, Boots £9.99


Last week while on a photoshoot for French weddings we were styling at a nearby chateau, the very talented France based UK makeup artist introduced us to this amazing illuminating powder by Bourjois, yes, Bourjois!

As she put it, ” it just adds that lovely fresh, dewy look to skin ”

We’ll take some of that!

Have a great #weekend

Katie and Louisa xx

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