It’s #leweekend : Winter Skin, H&M Cushions & A Grown Up Mermaid Dress

Are you still snowed in? Isn’t it incredible the cold weather we’ve been having? I don’t know about you but it makes me feel just SO tired and I can’t stop eating toast! I don’t think I could live in the snow. I’ve been thinking a lot about stuff this week. I popped my coat into the dry cleaners and the lovely lady there welled up when she saw me and told me she had lost someone dear. I popped back later with some cheery flowers for her and she sobbed in my arms. It made me feel sad but happy that she felt she could give me a hug. We’re simple beings really aren’t we, I really don’t get why we can’t just be kinder to each other all the time.

Anyway, here’s a few ideas to warm your heart and home this weekend – have a good one x

1. Happiness – in a book!

best self help happiness book 2018

It’s easy to get bogged down on these glum days and channeling a little positivity goes a long way to making winter a happier time. My dear friend gave me this self help book for Christmas, I won’t lie I did think she had perhaps slightly lost it when I first saw it – but do you know what, I LOVE it. There is a lesson for every week and messages about taking time, being positive and being true to yourself – it’s now become my little Sunday night treat.

Have a read, it’s a great little book.

2. Winter Skin Remedies

All this cold weather, or rather the fluctuating temperatures here of -8 to 14 degrees is playing havoc with my skin this week. I always try to buy The Ordinary Products in France from my makeup artist friend Claire Jones who is a registered retailer for the brand. Some of the products are so popular you have to wait for the stock to come in, but my oh my it is so worth it for the improvement these products bring to my skin. What’s more, Claire always gives great advice so if you are finding some of the descriptions or combinations of products confusing or overwhelming, she can cut to the chase and tell you what is best to get!

Anyway, just collecting my latest haul, I was asking Claire about good products in the French Parapharmacies or online to help with the red, sensitive skin that seems to go hand in hand with the cold weather and without hesitation she highly recommended Avene Antirougeurs Fort 

This clever little cream contains ruscus extract to promote circulation and helps to desensitize skin to heat and cold – particularly good for people with Rosacea. I feel I need 10 of these right now!

Creams for winter red sensitive skin

3. Bring Back Penfriends

I used to have a French penfriend when I was a kid, she was lovely actually, if a tad square and was extremely disciplined at writing letters. I am so happy that Woody has a little friend to write to in the UK. They are exchanging letters ahead of her visit to her grandparents home in France this summer and what made me giggle is that Woody has become the French part of the correspondence – how strange! If you can, I would really encourage letter writing, I am at the end of my tether with screen time, the counting out loud to the next screen time and Ipad obsession in general. This made a lovely change and was good writing practice too. Although the poor girl is about to receive a tonne of shark drawings in return for her pretty butterflies bless her!

4. Bravo H&M Cushions

As a brand, I love a bit of H&M. The first item I ever owned from them was a checked trouser suit jacket ( ha ha ha, I know ) when I was nine years old that my Mum and Dad bought me in Milton Keynes. Obviously, because I wanted to look like a proper boy I wore it with a bright yellow T shirt à la Huey Lewis and the News. Not my most fashion forward look.

Anyway! They also do brilliant homewares and I have bagged some of these bright and beautiful cushions to revive my sofas. Aren’t they just super and just £3.99

black and white cushion H and Mblack and white cushion H and M










5. A Grown Up Mermaid Dress

I don’t actually have an occasion on the horizon to wear a dress but, if I did it would be this one. Don’t you just love the beautiful shimmering greens and blues? Like a grown up mermaid dress! Love this from Zara £29.99

Best green dress 2018


Have a great weekend whatever you’re up to xxx


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