Why I love a Moroccan Babouche Slipper!

I adore the concept of Hotel at Home! For me, after home furnishings, adding luxury at home boils down to a few elegant loungewear pieces – starting with fabulous slippers. We don’t have many hard tiled floors left in our house but our kitchen has a type of flagstone that now in my 40s I cannot bear to walk on barefoot. So, a slipper addict I have become.

Where to buy handmade moroccan slippers

Many moons ago some friends of mine used to frequently travel to Marrakesh and I inevitably became the owner of several pairs of soft- as- butter leather Moroccan Babouche slippers. I haven’t owned a pair of Moroccan slippers in years and whilst, when you first get a fresh pair they smell like they have just exited a goat shed, the stench is well worth the long lasting soft feel leather that you can enjoy afterwards. In between I’ve had all manner of slippers that are a bit meh – I mean, they’re not essentially an item you really associate with high fashion are they?

However, I used to wear my faithful Moroccan slippers with jeans in the summer and with a pretty as a picture floral and bird dressing gown and I LOVED them, beaded or plain. I am fancying the idea of taking my laptop onto the garden table in spring and typing away in a pair with my pyjamas first thing. I can’t tell you how enjoyable they are to wear and there’s something about all the bright and beautiful fresh colours they come in that remind me of North Africa.

Here are some on my Babouche wishlist from amazing online store Babouches Cuir! Just click on the image to shop…

Green Babouche slippers

Moroccan Babouche slippers

Moroccan Babouche Slippers

Moroccan Babouche slippers

Moroccan striped slippers

And look at these, a beautiful shoe version too!

Moroccan ballerina shoes



Happy Shopping x

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