Make Your Home More PinWorthy with Wall Art from Posterlounge

I’m a huge fan of Instagram and my current favourite designers are @studiomcgee, this clever husband and wife duo put together some pretty awesome interiors with AMAZING before and after pics.

One thing I love about their designs is their use of really big and beautiful wall art. I’m always really interested in how other people put together a scheme, the colours, the feel, the lighting etc. This team are a real inspiration. If you ever get that feeling by looking at sources like Pinterest or Instagram that everyone in the world has an amazingly photogenic home apart from you – remember they are all styled for the shoot! That said, adding some really beautiful colour coordinating wall art to your decor can really add a certain je ne sais quoi.

Ready to make your home more pin worthy? Here are a few of my favourite pieces of Wall Art from Posterlounge’s current collection –

Ocean Inspired Art

Ocean inspired wall art


Botanical wall art print


Boats wall art prints


French quote wall art print


Audubon Birds

Audubon wall art prints


black and white maps wall art prints



Minimalist sea wall art print


Classic Portrait

Classic oil painting wall art prints


Fish study wall art prints


Leaf Study wall art print


Abstract wall art print

Scandi Wall Art

Scandi Wall Art Print


Modern landscape wall art print


Foliage wall art prints


NOTE : All prints are available in varying sizes and in Acryllic, Canvas, Wood and many other finishes. The cheapest option is to purchase the simple poster format but then you’ve got to fit a frame. I’ve had both canvas and posters and both are exceptional quality. Happy Shopping x


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