Marius Fabre Marseille Soap – A Natural Facial Cleanser

Marseille Soap in a Cube

A friend of mine has been using French Marseille soap as a natural facial cleanser for years and her skin looks incredible. I’ve tried all kinds of different natural cleansers including the Charcoal varieties which actually smell on the whole quite synthetic.

Marseille Soap – A Beautifully Natural Facial Cleanser

I’ve previously featured my favourite Marseille soap brand Marius Fabre Savon de Marseille before on Love French Style Blog when I trialed some Marseille soap flakes for washing my vintage French linens with. Marius Fabre is a gorgeous family firm based in Salon de Provence, now the 4th generation of soap makers and going strong. I really wanted to try out their natural Marseille Olive Oil soap on my face to see if it suited me as a facial cleanser too.

I’m astounded by the results.

Marseille soap facial cleanser

Above: The cubes of natural soap look gorgeous in a French style bathroom as decoration.

With a fresh, clean scent, Marius Fabré seems like a natural choice as a facial cleanser. Whilst some of my beauty therapist friends may frown at the words soap and face being mentioned in the same sentence, the natural ingredients mean that skin is actually left really clean but super soft and hydrated too.

Marseille Soap FacialCleanser

Marius Fabre are one of the oldest family soap making businesses in France and make 1000 tonnes of soap each year! It takes 14 days to create the perfect bar using an age old process that ensures the purity of each one. In giant cauldrons, the soap mixture is cooked at 100 degrees for 10 days and during this time rinsed to expel all impurities. The soap is then left to dry and is then cut initially into 30kg blocks then into smaller cubes and bars. The final touch is the name stamp that lets you know that a Marius Fabre cube is an authentic Marseille soap from the Provence region.

Authentic Marseille soap cubes

I’ve been using my Marseille French Soap Cube morning and night for eight weeks and my sometimes sensitive skin has showed no angry reactions, just a cleaner, brighter complexion. Combined with my anti ageing serum and sun protection, I’ve honestly found it’s been the most effective cleanser and so economical too. It’s so nice to use a cleanser that has a very short list of ingredients and ones that are identifiable too.

Marseille soap natural facial cleanser

What’s more, if you are passionate about green cosmetics, Marseille soap is 100% biodegradable and there’s no packaging to worry about either.

Natural facial cleanser French soap

I’m overall really impressed with the soap’s ability to remove all traces of makeup in one go and the soft feel of my skin after drying – kind of like it has been left with a natural moisturised coating. It’s a big thumbs up from Love French Style Blog for Marius Fabre soap!

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    .Marseille Soap nice to use as a cleanser.It made by natural ingredients.It make skin actually clean but super soft and hydrated too.
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