Maximising Space without Compromising Style

I’ve talked a lot on my French home style blog about the difficulties combining style and practicality, especially when designing a French style home in a small space. Our blogger Selina Willan looks at ways of maximising space without compromising great French style.

Maximising space in a French style home

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Anybody who’s given themselves the challenge of creating a French-styled home in the UK knows all about the tough task letting go of chintzy English themes in favour of the more continental styles of simplicity and elegance. And it’s when you’re trying to balance your aesthetic dreams with the rigours of family life that you’re faced with the toughest task, as maximising space is always one of the prime goals of any interiors aficionado – whether you’re aiming to get the feel of a château in the Loire or not!

Thankfully there are a number of quick fixes that can be applied to furniture like tables and beds, and even a few aesthetic touches that can make your home seem bigger than it really is!

Parisian Apartment inspiration

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1.One of my favourite tricks is to strategically position mirrors around dark areas of the home, as the light reflected can make even the dingiest of flats suddenly feel like one of those luxurious Parisian apartments.

2.Another simple aesthetic trick that takes inspiration from Parisian apartments is to paint the walls a brilliant white which not only makes things seem a lot less cluttered, but also makes everything remarkably easy to accessorise!

3.When it comes to choosing furniture that maximises space, there’s plenty of multifunctional furniture out there that can be a crafty fix for anyone who’s constantly stumbling over the kids’ toys.

4. I’ve always been a fan of ottoman beds as they provide a surprising amount of storage space that’s so useful for storing those bulky winter blankets. You can find them here at the Bedstar site that’s also got plenty of those luxurious metal bedsteads that I’ll definitely be thinking of when I want to give my guest room a touch of French chic!

5. And whilst I’m a massive fan of those huge French farmhouse kitchen tables, such extravagance is probably not an option in many of the UK’s smaller townhouses. This is why extendable dining room tables can be a great idea, and you should also never be afraid of using a little DIY know-how to put up some extra shelves to free up a few extra metres of floor space.

Maximising floor space

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Favour continental styles of simplicity & elegance using mirrors, bright whites & clever storage


Above all, maximising space is all about being little more creative than usual with your design ideas whether it’s re-examining the function of the bed, or just getting a multi-purpose footstool. And if in doubt, then just take a touch of inspiration from Marie Claire Maison with some of these endlessly-chic French storage ideas!

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