Modern Map Art – A Beautiful Anniversary Gift

Night Sky Poster Modern Map ArtWith our 10th Wedding Anniversary just a few weeks off, we have both been thinking about our big day with such fond memories. I love star constellation gifts and was wondering what the night sky looked like on our big day. So, when Modern Map Art contacted me about a new and exciting collaboration opportunity, the timing couldn’t have been better.


In case you’ve not come across Modern Map Art, they make beautiful Night Sky Posters and Artwork to mark any special occasion. The posters feature the night sky from any location and date. So, this could be a 100th birthday, the night you met your soul mate or your graduation day – the possibilities are endless.

Night sky posters

The night sky posters make fabulous gifts for recipients of all ages.Having a piece of art for our room that showed the night sky as it was on the night of our wedding day seemed like a lovely way to mark the big anniversary.

night sky posters from Modern map art

Modern Map Art offer several different options for their night sky artwork including colours and materials.

I chose navy on a white background and I think it really highlights the lovely constellations of that evening – especially here in Charente where the sky is bursting with stars during the clear summer evenings.

What do you think? We are so pleased with it x


*collaborative post

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2 thoughts on “Modern Map Art – A Beautiful Anniversary Gift

  1. Jenna

    Great post – I really want to get one of these star maps for my boyfriend 🙂 My friend has one that is similar, but has a map of the city she lives in… I think they are both super cute! Thanks for sharing!
    -Jenna <3
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