My EQUA Frosted Glass Water Bottle

My Equa Frosted glass water bottles

I’m not very good at making sure I drink my quota of water each day, unless it’s really, really hot weather. For one, I can’t be doing with buying bottled water anymore, it just seems so wasteful and for another, I find it hard to make my way down an enormous bottle of water in a day. The sheer volume just phases me.

After buying a new water filter, we’ve all been trying to drink a bit more water and as I love something pretty to accompany me on each new challenge I got myself a nice little glass water bottle.

My equa frosted glass water bottle

LOVE LOVE LOVE! My new EQUA frosted glass¬†water bottle is perfect for keeping track on my water drinking and making sure I have a fresh supply when I’m out and about. It carries 550ml of water so not too much to get down in each go, although you can get 1 litre sizes too.

personalised glass water bottles

Mine is a personalised water bottle from a limited edition at EQUA but there are loads of designs to choose from. I like the graphic print frosting on this particular design – new stock arriving soon. My Equa supply personalised water bottles for offices, parties or just personal use and they even have a Hydration App to download that gives you a gentle nudge when it’s time to have your next slurp! ¬†Summer, I’m ready for you!

My Equa frosted glass water bottles

personalised glass water drinking bottles

I love my Equa, do you?

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