A New Wave Of Marine Skincare from Bio Salines Île de Ré ~ The Perfect Match For Natural Beauty Samantha Collyer Kegg

Bio Salines French Natural Marine Skincare Cosmetics

Capturing The Essence Of The Ocean With Natural Marine Skincare 

From the salty marshes and endless blue skies of the French Atlantic coast, Bio Salines from Île de Ré has created an exclusive skincare collection from natural marine ingredients. With age defying skincare essentials like Immortelle flower, red and brown algae, marine water and hollyhocks for which the island is so famous – Bio Salines products hydrate, nourish and purify the skin using the natural goodness of the sea.

Natural Marine Skincare with algae

Who better to try out the collection than Samantha Collyer Kegg of Glamping Tipis in France. As well as offering glamorous camping holidays to families in South West France, Samantha is a trained chef who adores the colourful plethora of natural ingredients the Poitou Charentes has to offer. A business woman and mother to three young girls, she likes a beauty regime that’s quick, easy and delivers great results. Samantha is a passionate supporter of local business so was delighted to discover this divine range of French cosmetics made right here on her doorstep.

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Camping holidays in South West France


Above : Sam’s Glamping Tipis in South West France

Bio Salines Anti Ageing Natural Marine skincare products

The Calming Nature Of The Sea

The île de Ré sits out in the Atlantic just off the coast of La Rochelle in South West France. Known as the white island for the pretty whitewashed cottages than line the pebbled streets and the thriving salt trade the island economy relies on so heavily to survive. To the north of the island of Ré is a striking lighthouse that watches the bobbing fishing boats safely back to shore, to the South East, miles and miles of rugged coastline and unrivalled sandy beaches.

Atlantic Coast Ile de Re

Image : Bio Salines

Holidays on the Ile de Re

Right in the middle, the island is dotted with picture postcard villages like St Martin de Ré, La Flotte and Ars en Ré with winding streets bursting with sprays of pink and white hollyhocks that dip and bow in the gentle sea breeze. Ars en Ré is home to Bio Salines and their skincare collection that promises to be as pure as the white sands of the island beaches.

Natural French Marine Skincare

Above : Revitalising Bio Salines bath salts made from Île de Ré salt infused with citrus.

Awash With Goodness For A Clearer, Purer Complexion

Bio Salines founder Sophie Laurent is passionate about their small artisanal French skincare business. She believes in her product 100% and is proud to sell across the island of Ré in small boutiques under the label of Esprit de Sel. As well as marine elements, another key ingredient that makes her products stand apart from the rest is the use of organic sunflower oil for it’s incredible hydrating properties. Bio Salines are not an Organic Skincare brand but are firm believers in using natural ingredients in their products.

Natural marine botanical skincare

As a chef, Samantha also believes that what you use on your body and face should be as good as the food you eat.

” It’s great to think you can find naturally made skincare products so close to home from all these amazing ingredients. I’m so impressed. ” 

Samantha began by using Bio Salines Exfoliator with Samphire, Île de Ré rock salt and Immortelle flower ( 34e90 for 50ml ) to remove dead skin cells and prepare her naturally bronzed skin for the summer season. She then used Bio Salines Body Lotion ( 24e80 ) to hydrate and perfume her skin.

Natural French Marine Skincare products

” I’m so busy in the summer chasing around after children, pets and taking care of my holiday guests. I spend a lot of time outside so I try to protect my skin as much as I can against the sun’s harmful rays and exfoliating is a key part of my natural beauty regime. “

Naturally active marine botanicals

The Bio Salines exfoliator is an oil which turns to a milky emulsion on contact with water so ideal for use in the shower or bath on a daily basis. You simply shake up the mixture to homogenise the salt with the oil and apply to dry skin before massaging and rinsing off.

Natural skincare with marine extracts

” It was fabulous, it turned my bath milky and was so moisturising it left my skin glowing and smooth – I loved it. “

French marine and algae skincare

Sea salt exfoliator with marine extracts

Above : Samantha sampling the Bio Salines Marine Extracts Dry Oil for Body and Face 34e90. A quick and easy way to hydrate skin and give a youthful, dewy look on either face or body.

” After using the dry oil for face and body my skin felt really supple and more elastic. I liked the way you could use it for face and body too and the smell was fab.”

Natural French marine cosmetics

With a fresh, marine fragrance and elegant white packaging, there’s something about the Bio Salines collection that encapsulates the essence and purity of the island of Ré and gives you an overwhelming sense of well-being – that relaxed, holiday feeling.

” The fragrance is fresh and really reminds me of the sea, lovely and summery and felt fantastic on my skin. “

French skincare products

” The anti ageing cream with brown algae left my face with a visibly pumped up glow for ages. It hydrated much more than a lot of other creams I have used lately. “

Natural age defying marine skincare products

The complete range of marine skincare from Bio Salines also includes a soothing balm for men’s skin ( 37e ) which is perfect for moisturising after shaving – and as the fragrance is quite androgynous it suits men and women alike.

Bio Salines Natural Marine Skincare with Algae and Immortelle Flower is as natural as it can be using only the best ingredients the island of Ré has to offer. The science of combining the active ingredients is a closely guarded secret but the benefits of sea algae and wild marine botanicals is well known in the cosmetic world.

Glamping Tipis holidays in FranceFamily Glamping Holidays in France

At the heart of the local ingredients used in Bio Salines marine based skincare products is the treasure of the Atlantic Coast itself…the water. After the salt has been removed the water remains rich in oligo elements like manganese and silicon which are known to have calming effects on sensitive skin and reduce redness, itching and dryness.

French marine skincare cosmetics

The Bio Salines range is a great product to come out of the Poitou Charentes region and a fine example of the diverse range of ingredients the area has to offer. I was overall really impressed with the quality, fragrance and age defying properties, as well as the fact that they are made on the chic island of Ré from such beautiful ingredients. Samantha agrees, it’s great to have such an unusual product so close to home,

” I genuinely felt these were really great skincare products with immediate visible effects. The fact that they’re made locally is a real plus as I love to try to support local businesses. I love anything that is hassle free and has good results so I felt the price was fair for artisan products like these. I’d definitely buy them again.” 

Natural age defying skincare from Franceblog160518l

Marine serums with algae anti ageing

Above : Samantha with Bertie the family dog.

Thanks for road testing the creams Samantha, you look gorgeous! If you’re interested in buying Bio Salines Skincare products from the Ile de Ré then you can visit their e-shop here or drop in to an Esprit de Sel Boutique on Île de Ré next time you visit. If you would like to holiday in the Poitou Charentes region and visit the Île de Re for yourself you can find more information about Glamping Holidays in France here.

Where to buy Ile de Re salt

With a special thanks to Sarah Redman freelance Art Director and print artist x 

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