Relearning The Joy of Simple Things For Kids

This is my boy, now 8, isn’t he just adorable. Woody is wise beyond his years, sensitive, sweet and almost bilingual. Although he goes to French school and we think it’s adorably traditional he is still, like any other kid his age OBSESSED with and extremely good at tech. So every now and again I think it’s really nice to chuck some old school in the mix, here are a few games we love playing together…


Woody is the kind of boy who shuts his eyes when you throw a ball at him. Who could blame him! I’ve had more tennis balls in the eyes than you could shake a stick at 😂. So we occasionally find other ways of practicing ball skills as they don’t seem to do much of that at school right now.

Remember these bad boys I posted on Instagram the other day? Well I had to get the steps out to get them off the tree outside of the garden so Woody stood inside the garden while I was out on the road and I chucked him apples which he had to catch and pop in this crate! At first he was dropping them all over the place ( sorry daddy who wanted them for the restaurant ) but he soon got the hang of it.

There are literally hundreds so he got plenty of practice! We occasionally just get a tennis ball and throw it to each other now too. Always handy to be able to catch!


We have been lucky enough to be able to use my gorgeous neighbours pool in her absence due to Covid. So, we’ve tried to get in each afternoon to get our daily exercise! Which it would appear has turned into swimming racing… I am exhausted by the time we get out !

Nice to know he has a good competitive spirit though although he grabs hold of your swimmers if you’re in the lead! Ha ha ha. Obviously not everyone has the luxury of access to a pool, could you try running racing? Or hopping?

Running Errands

So, for a modern child to hear that I used to pretend I had three kids on the back of my bike about his age, and drop them at school, take them to feed the horses ….Woody found this very amusing. I can remember doing lots of errands when I was a kid, I loved helping people.

With so much readily available for kids his age online and instant independence through building games etc, he can get a bit one track minded. I try to get him to be helpful and kind to people and to be honest he always feels good about himself afterwards and enjoys it.

So, while he doesn’t do imaginary play out on his bike like I used to, he will come with me to collect a baguette for our 100 year old neighbour and carry it in his little basket to her house or whip round the living room for me with the wireless vacuum. I think it’s important to learn as many useful skills as possible when you’re young, don’t you?


Before lockdown we became acutely aware that there wasn’t much for the kids at school in the way of physical exercise. They spend a lot of time sitting down, learning grammar and writing sums! From what he’s said, it’s even more so now with the social distancing rules at school. I really believe that exercise is as good for the mind as it is the body, especially when you’re eight and full of beans!

So, a short while ago we got the little fellow a small fitness trampoline and he loves it! We don’t have room for a huge one so this is perfect for us and it folds away too. Boing boing boing 200 bounces a day and he’s calm, concentrated and cool!

Do you sometimes ditch the tech and get some old school games under your belt? X

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