Open Your Mind And Your Kitchen With A Personal French Home Chef From Mon Petit Cuistot

A Personal French Chef For Gite Guests, Dinner Parties or Special Occasions 

Mon petit cuistot home chef

For the cooking shy or simply short on time, the innovative new home chef service from Mon Petit Cuistot could be just the answer to your entertaining dilemmas.  The concept is simple – eat well at home. Founded in 2015 by Victor Selle & Sacha Lamyeiche, the service currently has chefs in 5 major cities in France, with plans to expand even further. They guarantee experience and high quality, something they took time planning to ensure the success of their French start-up. Cooking styles may vary according to client demands but one thing their French home chefs share is a passion for great cuisine, and promise to serve up restaurant quality food to gite guests, friends or invites at special occasions.

Sound good so far?

Think of the possibilities! The process is simple and convenient; Mon Petit Cuistot provide you with a personal chef, you select a menu, shop the ingredients and a chef from your catchment area will come to your home and cook up three courses in your kitchen. Menu choices range from luxe to hearty, fancy or simple, organic or not, it’s you who chooses.

Here is a little video in French about Mon Petit Cuistot Service, what fun!

Great idea but it sounds very expensive…

Yes and no, they reckon on 10-15e per person including ingredients, about 45e being the cost of the chef. The idea is that you share the moment with close friends, each chipping in and making eating high quality food at home a more affordable experience. I like the idea, I think it’s fun but I have two questions – do they wash up and could I cope with someone else in my kitchen? TBD

Like the sound of it? Would you give it a try? 

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