Owning a Second Home – The Forgotten Elements of Home Security

French Holiday home securityOwning a second home is such a luxury – the idea of jetting off to your favourite holiday destination to enjoy much needed R and R is dreamy let’s face it. Having worked in insurance, I met a number of people over the years who suffered breaks ins to their holiday homes and it goes without saying that it is heartbreaking to find this on arrival. We all want to keep
our homes as safe as possible.

There are a number of common safety concerns for us as home owners, whether a main residence or second home – breaking and entering, burglary, or damage caused by vandalism and the natural elements. For all of these, there are plenty of things we can do protect our homes as best as we can, and knowing that there is always a solution should be enough to keep most people from worrying too much. Nonetheless, it is vital to make sure that you are doing whatever is necessary to keep your home as safe as possible, and that means paying attention to some frequently overlooked and forgotten elements of home security.

Let’s look at some of those now and see what we can do to incorporate them into our daily lives as best as possible in the future.

Check All Possible Entrances

French holiday home security

Many french properties have front and rear entrances. Once you start to think about the many ways that someone could get into your home, it becomes obvious that there are usually a great many entrances to consider. Most people’s homes are relatively unsafe on this front, in part because there are parts of the house that people completely forget about. If you want to keep your home safe from intruders and the like, then you should endeavor to pay attention to any area that could be potentially used as an entrance into the home. So what areas does that actually include?

For a start, you should make sure that the obvious parts of the home are taken into consideration and taken care of, such as any doors – including back doors – and any windows, no matter how hard you might think it is to get into them. Remember that someone who is really keen to get into your home will not mind suffering a few scrapes in the process, so make sure that you are considering every possible window too.  If you have a broken garage door, then that poses a huge security threat, as anyone can walk directly into your home. In that case, you should arrange for a garage door repair as soon as possible.

You will also want to think about any basements or attics your home might have, as these can be subtle ways of getting into the house without you knowing for a while. A lot of French homes also have balconies, so ensure they are secure. Check with your insurance provider about their particular requirements for shutters in your absence and if yours are old or broken then think about repairing or replacing them soon. The more you cover all areas like this, the more likely it is that you will be able to keep your home safe from outside intruders, so it is worth ensuring you do not overlook any of these if you can help it. Check everything that could be used as an entranceway for a small person, even a child, and you will hopefully have considered every possibility before the burglars do.

French holiday home security

The Perimeter

As well as the building itself, it is vital that you keep a close eye on the perimeter of your land, however far away or close to your house that might be. The safer the perimeter is, the less likely anyone will get into it and ultimately into your home, so this is essentially your first line of defence, and one you should consider as best as you can. Look at the fences and so on around your land – if you were trying to break in, how would you do so? Thinking from the perspective of the break-in is the best way to ensure that you have covered all possible ground. As long as you manage to successfully protect the perimeter, your home will be in a much more protected position on the whole, so it is vitally important that you do not overlook this step or think that it is somehow less important. It is just as important as any other part of the safety process, if not more so than many of them. With a safe perimeter, you have a safe home, and that means you can relax in your home with your family as best as you can.

Don’t Advertise Your Absence

French holiday home security

One of the best preventative measures against anyone breaking into your home is to ensure that you are not doing anything to advertise it as a possible place to break into. Difficult if yours is a rental property but you can still be mindful about the information you share online.

There are two main aspects to this: not advertising your valuables and not advertising how to break in in the first place. The first means simply that you do not keep anything flashy on display, or try to show off about your wealth and so on. Doing so will only encourage burglars and the like, so it is best to avoid this behavior as best as you can. The second is all about making sure that you do not allow your home to look as if it is easy to break into, which mostly revolves around doing what we have already been looking into. As long as you take care of these two elements as best as you can, you will find that you are able to protect your home from break-ins much more effectively, so it is worth ensuring that you pay attention to these in particular.

Love Your Home

One of the best indirect ways to keep your home protected is to make sure that you treat it with pride. As long as you can consider yourself to be proud of your home, you will find that you automatically start acting in ways which encourage your home to be a lot safer. You will suddenly notice that you are doing much more than ever to keep it safe from the many kinds of threats which are out there.

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