Painting fabric with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint : French Ticking Stripe Tea Towels

Customising Vintage Linens with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

If you like a bit of crafting at Christmas time then you’ll love this little fabric painting project. This takes just 1 hr to complete using Annie Sloan Chalk Paints and you’ll love the results. Don’t worry about it not being perfect first time, that’s the beauty of the French rustic decor look – it’s a little bit lived in and full of faded charm!

I recently saw a tutorial featuring Annie Sloan painting an armchair and thought how clever it was. Using her famous Chalk Paint, she literally painted all over a really horrid chair and made it look like a beautiful, French shabby chic armchair in minutes. You can also use her paint watered down as a dye ( my next project ) and while I haven’t dared to go the whole hog yet and paint any fabric all over,  I have been learning how to use Annie Sloan to paint on fabric. So, here’s my attempt at using Annie Sloan chalk paint to paint French ticking stripes on vintage French linen fabric – it’s transformed an old vintage sheet into a lovely ticking stripe tea towel. I hope you like it, I love it!

1. Cut a piece of old sheet or vintage fabric to 50cm x 70cm leaving 1.5cm seam allowance. I like the vintage French linen sheets for projects like this as the fabric has a nice heavy grain.Upcycling a Vintage French sheetMeasuring vintage fabricMaking tea towels from old sheets

2. Fold over each edge of the fabric by 0.5cm then again 1cm to create a neat hem all the way round. You have to almost roll the fabric to get a nice neat hem on this, or you could use binding tape to help you. Remember to use a nice sturdy needle like a denim kind when you sew with linen, it can get a bit thick when folded. Once you’ve sewn the edges down you can start painting! So, place masking tape on top of the fabric in stripes. I used differing widths to look like traditional French ticking stripes.

Painting vintage fabricpainting fabric with Annie Sloan paint

3. Using a clean rag, dab water onto the stripes that you plan to paint on. You could also use a mister if you have one for this stage. This helps the paint soak into the fabric better rather than just sit on the top layers. A word of warning, if you skip this phase the paint fades dramatically in the wash. I chose Paris Grey and Graphite from the Annie Sloan paint collection for this project. Simply stipple the paint onto the fabric using your guidelines then leave to dry. 

hand painted tea towels

4. Once the paint is dry ( the great thing about Annie Sloan paint is it dries super quickly, approx 10 mins ) carefully peel off the masking tape to reveal your delicious ticking stripes. Placing the fabric between two tea towels, press with an iron to seal the colour under a nice hot heat. DO spend a good amount of time doing this, you could try putting a piece of kitchen paper on top instead of a tea towel to increase the heat that reaches the paint. Again, don’t skip this stage or the paint may wash off. Once complete, the fabric can now be safely washed at 30 degrees although it is key to wait 24 rs at least before doing so ( my first attempt washed off ). If you are worried about washing at a low heat  you could seal the stripes in using the clear wax by simply stippling it over the top with a clean brush.

I couldn’t believe it was possible to paint on fabric using chalk paint but you can and you really can wash the fabric once painted afterwards. Do expect a little fade but overall it stays on pretty well. Incroyable!

Painting fabric Annie Sloan paint

I’m so pleased with the finish and these two shades are right up my street. They make lovely little handmade Christmas gifts too!

Painting fabric with Annie Sloan Paint


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