Personalise Your Home Decor in 5 Steps

I’m a firm believer that your living space should be a true reflection of you and your family and tell your story so far. If your home style lacks personality, here are 5 easy ways to add a personal touch to your decor and make your house feel like home.

Personalise your home with lighting

1.Inviting Lighting

Bad lighting can not only really spoil the overall look of a room but also the way it feels too. While everyone has different ideas about where and how to light up their home, think about the space and the way you use it to achieve a better design and ambiance. For example if you have an amazing view and adore reading in this spot, choose a reading light for this space. For snugs, go cosy with individual lamps and for open areas with a more contemporary feel, recessed lighting might make a fabulous choice.

update wooden furniture with varnish

2.Celebrate the Beauty of Wooden Furniture with Varnish 

If you have an old piece of wooden furniture that you feel is too boring and generic, simply adding varnish could transform it to a style that better suits you. Some of the best interior spaces use a combination of antique and contemporary furnishings to bring an eclectic air to the scheme and natural wood is warm and elegant. To bring your wooden belongings into 2018, look out for products that can enrich natural wood or change the appearance like shellac flakes can. This is a fab way to make sure that your furniture is unique and not too similar to pieces you can readily find on the high street.

Creating a personalised decor

3.Display Your Travels

Less is most definitely more in a French style home so think carefully before assigning space to items. Carefully placed objets can look really effective and create a well-travelled, established feel. If you’re a bit of a traveler and you always bring trinkets and momentos back from your adventures then display them with pride. They’ll not only look interesting carefully paired with your other decor but will provide a great talking point amongst friends too.

upcycling french furniture

4.Upcycle Away

If you’re fed up with the high price of on trend furniture styles, upcycling furniture can give your home a really personalised makeover. Choosing furniture from junk shops, house clearances or from your own attic and changing the way it looks with painting, wallpaper or distressing techniques is such a satisfying way to breathe new life into a room.

personalised wall art

5.Choose Photography & Wall Art Wisely

Better to hold back before adorning your walls with artwork or photographs that you’re not 100% sure of. Take your time, choose wall art that really appeals to you, striking or subtle or with colours that you can pick out in the rest of the room to bring the look together. Pick out  your very favourite photographs to display in a stylish way.  Hanging the right things on the walls of your home will not only make your room feel more designed but they’ll make you feel happy every time you look at them too.

These simple steps will add a lovely personal touch to your home and help create a design blueprint for you to carry with you wherever you live. Bring personality into your home and sit back and admire your hard work!

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