Rose Water Toner Benefits

Rose Water Toner Benefits

There are very few rose skincare products that I don’t love. A good quality rose water lotion is one one of my favourite French skincare must haves. Rose water, cornflower water and witch hazel hydrolats are an integral part of a traditional French skincare routine.

Natural botanical toners each have their different uses and the benefits of using floral waters on skin are numerous. This very simple, but natural facial treatment is so under rated. Floral waters, especially rose water is an extremely efficient part of a simple skincare routine.

Read on to find out more about the many Rose Water Toner Benefits.

Rose Water Toner Benefits

You may have already seen rows of pretty looking floral waters among the parapharmacy? French beauty products are often great natural skincare choices and a good rose water is a firm favourite.

Rose water toner benefits

In the summer, a spritz of chilled rose floral water will instantly refresh and cool summer skin. In winter, dry skin can be kept hydrated and soft and protected from the harsh elements.

Very often, the skin on the face is actually perfectly hydrated first thing in the morning yet we strip it dry with more washing. There’s no need to actually use a cleanser first thing unless you have a skin complaint that requires it.

Rose Water toner benefits
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A natural floral hydrolat will give your skin all the nourishment it needs on awakening. Simple as it sounds, a rose water toner is the perfect preparation for skin, however basic or complex the rest of your skincare routine is.

Is Rose Water Good For Skin?

In short, yes. A rose water toner is very good for skin. Floral waters, when made naturally and preferably without alcohol, are especially good for dry and reactive skins.

Rose water toner benefits

Rose water has naturally hydrating properties, antioxidant benefits and can be extremely calming to sore, chapped skin.

Rose water can also provide the answer on how to reduce facial puffiness, something many of us suffer with first thing – especially over the age of 40! The natural astringent in rose helps to tighten skin without drying it to reveal a more youthful looking skin.

How do I use a Rose Water Toner?

The way to get the most from rose water toner benefits from a floral water is to use straight after cleansing as a fine mist over clean skin.

If yours is not a rose water spray then simply apply to the fingertips ( save on using a cotton pad ) and dab onto the face gently before leaving to soak in. If you’re wondering how to use a rose water at night, simply apply in the same way after cleansing and before any serums and your night cream.

To complete your floral skincare routine, apply a rose serum or rose moisturizer afterwards, better still, a rose moisturizer with spf 30.

How to Choose a Rose Water Toner

To find the best rose water toner, look for those that are made using simple distillation and contain the fewest amount of ingredients.

Rose water toner benefits

When looking for the best rose water toner to buy, look for a rose toner that has only natural ingredients and a short shelf life, that way you’ll know there are very few additives included.

If you haven’t yet tried using a rose water toner as part of your natural skincare routine then I recommend it highly. You’ll soon reap the rewards of rose water toner benefits and reveal a brighter, more youthful looking skin. Looking for beauty gift inspiration? Check out these Christmas beauty gift ideas for 2020 X

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