Seasonal Door Wreaths With Florist Fiona Lafon

Seasonal door wreaths Fiona Lafon Business

Seasonal Door Wreaths are like gifting jewellery to your front door! There are some truly beautiful ways to create an elegant seasonal door wreath from smart florals to pared back foraged foliage.

Why not make a seasonal door wreath part of your outdoor home decor to enjoy season after season?

Seasonal door wreath

Fiona Lafon is a very talented florist living in France and here she shares her tips on choosing the perfect seasonal door wreath.

An English Florist in France

A seasonal door wreath is just one of many of my favourite types of floristry. I actually retrained as a florist in 2015 with two very young children in tow. There had been a lot of changes in the world of employment law which meant that I wasnt enjoying my job as a lawyer as much as I used to.

I decided to rethink my lifestyle, so I left law and started my own business and it was love at first sight.

Seasonal door wreath

Whilst I don’t have a favourite type of floral decoration I do love a seasonal door wreath. An elegant door wreath is so easy to make and can be created with a wide variety of materials.

seasonal door wreaths

Bright, beautiful flowers are very much my style with a particular emphasis on jewel tones.

Seasonal door wreaths

I worked mainly as an events florist but I loved hosting workshops showing people how to work with flowers. It always made me really happy to see people who didn’t consider themselves creative, create something simple and beautiful, like a door wreath, with their own hands.

I love the variety of styles of door wreaths for all year round and I often hosted workshops on this subject back in Bristol.

seasonal door wreaths

Minimalist Seasonal Door Wreaths

I personally prefer a more contemporary door wreath. When I lived in Bristol, I used to sell eucalyptus wreaths. These had a minimalist, scandi-inspired look and sold really well.

The beauty of a eucalyptus door wreath is that they also dry beautifully and can therefore remain in the house all year round.

All Season Wreaths

Seasonal Door Wreaths

Im a big believer in making the most of every day and flowers are the perfect way to inject beauty daily. Personally, when it comes to creating a seasonal door wreath, I definitely prefer a more undone look. I like something that looks natural, with movement and texture.

Once you have the base of the wreath, theres no limit to how you can adapt it to the seasons. Various flowers and foliage will last differently once out of water, but you can either let it dry out naturally or replace the elements that die off with fresh pieces as and when they go.

A Winter Door Wreath

In winter, thistle and berries are a lovely addition to pine and other evergreen foliage.

A Spring Door Wreath

In spring I would use lovely bright flowers to celebrate the new season.

A Summer Door Wreath

Dried flowers are great for wreaths, I have a selection at home waiting to be arraged as such!

Autumn Door Wreath

I love using different supports for the wreath: a moss ring, a copper ring, there are so many options.

Online Courses in Seasonal Door Wreath Making

Once I figure out how to make an online video course, I would love to offer online floristry courses. I am lucky enough to be married to a garden designer and gardener , Barry from Le Jardin Contemporain. Together we are currently in the process of creating a potager from scratch.

Growing my own flowers will open up so many new possibilities for me and I would love to create a series of online courses showing people how to arrange flowers from their gardens for their homes throughout the year.

Just got to work out how to do that video first!!!!

We cant wait Fiona, thank you so much for sharing your tips with us here at Love French Style Blog.

easonal door wreaths Fiona Lafon Business

You can follow Fiona and Barry here on their social media channels…

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