Shopping & Winter 2017 Fashion Trends – Your Quick Guide

Winter 2017 Fashion Trends

We might not have seen snowfall yet but winter is almost upon us. Time to update the winter wardrobe with warm, seasonal fabrics in rich colours to stay up to date with winter fashion trends 2017.

Not only will there be exciting styles doing the rounds in stores and catalogues this season, but we may also start to see the widespread unveiling of new methods of shopping and trying on clothing and accessories. Technology is at the cusp of revolutionizing fashion retail along with our changing shopping habits, and, let’s face it, Christmas is certainly a time of big spending so we might well see some of those changes over the winter holidays.

Winter 2017 Fashion Trends

Here’s a look at some of the coming season’s trends, from new styles to fashion tech innovations.

Hot Red

Red winter fashion 2017This season, red is hot, and not the maroons and burgundies more typical of autumn and winter, but rather bright, pillarbox red. According to one trend round up, Givenchy created an entire collection dedicated to the hue, giving the green light for high street designers to follow suite. Everyone likes to wear some bold red from time to time, and it’s a perfect choice for the season, a great pairing with chic camel and oh so jolly in the run up to Christmas.


Winter 2017 jumpsuits

Like her politics or not, even Hillary Clinton loves a jumpsuit! But, you don’t need power shoulder pads to rock the jumpsuit look. The high street as a truly fabulous selection in flattering cuts making it a chic and comfortable choice for the party season.


Velvet trend 2017

Velvet is the most sumptuous fabric, perfect for the chilly inter months and so luxurious. Perfectly vintage or uber smart, velvet can be dressed up or down to suit your mood.

Beautiful Belts

winter 2017 belt trend

What a refreshing change to introduce a seasonal trend that has both function and beauty in perfect balance. The good old belt is THE fashion accessory for winter 2017, be it high waisted, cinching, coat belts or knits with chunky ties. Belts are everywhere and can rightly be called the biggest accessory trend of the season.

VR Retail Stores

Virtual Reality Shopping

Forget animated sci-fi worlds, virtual reality is moving much closer to home. Already seen in areas like online gaming. Numerous casino gaming platforms now use high quality video streams to show people real dealer tables and poker rooms. This might be the only place you’ve ever heard of virtual reality in real life but, watch this space, fashion giants predict that it the gaming world is actually setting a blueprint for the concept of virtual fitting rooms. VR could offer us the chance to explore real stores from the comfort of our homes, especially useful at Christmas time rather than simply browsing collections online. Armchair shopping at it’s finest!

AR Fitting Rooms

So, if VR has the potential to allow us to explore stores and collections as if we’re doing so in person, AR appears poised to simulate fitting rooms in our homes. Gap actually teased an augmented reality dressing room earlier this year, and with AR now available to the public through Google and Apple phones, it seems likely we’ll start to see programs like that one emerging this season. AR will allow us to “interact” with clothing and accessories as if we’re actually in a fitting room; we may even be able to view accurate avatars of ourselves trying on clothes, though that could be a more advanced version of what we’re likely to see this winter. Just make us look good on camera please!

Would you shop online using Augmented Reality Fitting Rooms or Virtual Reality Shopping?


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