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At Le Petit Loft, our little French house, we are in the process of redesigning a new French country kitchen. I’ve been frantically searching online for some small kitchen design inspiration, but the problem when you love design is that you love all different styles so we’re trying to work out exactly what it is we love before we plough ahead. Praise the lord for Pinterest! I like a nice simple kitchen design with quality cabinets and beautiful accessories from natural fibres and fabrics. I really love pottery at the moment too.

So,this is the ultimate inspiration from Devol Kitchens who I have featured before on Love French Style Blog, I love the simplicity of this kitchen and the bumpy walls remind me of our little house so much.French country style kitchen Devol shaker

I think all the taupe, grey and white shades work in a French house, they just slot in perfectly somehow don’t they?

French rustic Kitchen Simple Nordic style kitchenHere is a picture of our kitchen in it’s current state, we’ve got so much work to do!Rustic French kitchenJust a quick reminder of how we got here…when we bought our little house ten years ago, it had no kitchen, no window ( we found that hidden behind the wall! ) and pallets for flooring with lino stretched over the top, scared? Yup, so were we, it was painted in hideous sunshine yellow and burgundy too, an interesting colour scheme to say the least. Oh, and did I mention we had rats?

French freestanding kitchenSmall kitchen design inspirationSo, we were young and tapped away making a kitchen we could manage with, bringing hot water to the house, washing up in the shower!!! Anyway, we got the kitchen to the state it’s in now with plans to revisit it later on and we left and ran a bed and breakfast for a couple of years. When we came back we had multiplied in number and really didn’t have the romance for living in a wreck anymore ( there’s only so long a girl can sleep in a coat and bobble hat ), so we’ve spent the last few years chipping away to make our little house more of a home.French cottage style

We made one attic room into three bedrooms, took down a partition wall in the living room and added a new split staircase – not just small decorating jobs, full on building work! When our friends and family come to stay it’s more like ” no problem, we’ll just add some stairs ” as opposed to ” sure, I’ll treat you to a clean duvet! ”

So, our kitchen is small but far from perfectly formed right now. It’s difficult trying to squeeze everything you want into a long, narrow room and I love to have a table in the kitchen too so there’s so much to cram in.

Here are a five things to consider when designing a small kitchen


Having an eye for all things vintage I have ended up at times bringing furniture into our house that just doesn’t really fit. There’s a real tendency to find massive furniture in France like Armoires and long tables. The question to ask yourself is, how many people live in your house on a daily basis, do you need something to accommodate so many people and does it fit the proportions of your room?

2. Appliances

Sadly, there’s no getting around it, every kitchen needs appliances and some are prettier than others. While you can box in some, choosing big items like fridges can be a real bind. Choose one that disappears rather than stands out and the other nicer elements of the room can do the pretty work instead.

3. Window dressings

Do you need blinds or curtains? I’ve had both and now ditched both! Unless you have a pretty good extraction unit, fabric in the kitchen can get pretty messed up pretty quickly. Choose wisely and make sure curtains don’t drop too near the sink or oven.

4. Style

I think this can be the most confusing aspect of designing any room. Choose a style you love and one you know you can live with and maintain and your small kitchen will thank you for it. If you try to bring a bit of everything in, the style you’re trying to achieve just gets in a muddle. Unlless you’re Sophie Robinson, who manages to mingle all beautifully, choose modern or classic, then accessorise with your favourite items.

5. Colour

In a small kitchen very dark shades and very light shades work equally well but be consistent. The trend for lighter wall units and darker base units looks great in large kitchens but I do think for small rooms, simplicity is the best rule to follow – you can always add pretty coloured crockery or paintings. I really love Farrow and Ball paint.

Where we’re at now.

After searching high and low for the right kitchen units and feeling that the MDF sort would just look out of place, we met someone to make us some kitchen cupboards and suddenly the prospect of owning a beautiful French country kitchen is within reach. We can have them painted any Farrow and Ball colour, so we’re torn between Shaded White and Strong White, I just can’t quite make up my mind!

In four weeks it’ll all be in! The before and after pics are to follow, it’s so exciting.

Got any good advice on designing a small kitchen? We’d love to hear your tips here x

Don’t miss Wednesday’s post, we will be meeting Valerie Gantois from L’île O’Lutins childrens clothing boutique in Ruffec, Charente.

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