Stunning French Bathroom Ideas

What better way to ring the changes this new year than with a little a little bathroom face lift? We have seen some stunning bathroom ideas here in France and French style is all about combining elegance with a bold statement. It’s the whole idea behind creating some stunning interior designs which wow anyone who visits, but are actually very simple to carry off.

In the bathroom, this kind of style really comes into its own and you can take advantage of the elegant shapes and shades of white to adorn the walls. If you want to turn your bathroom into a homage to French style, here’s how you can do it…

French Country Bathroom

With this style of bathroom you can make the most of natural light by installing some large windows and even skylights if you are at the top of the house. The light will penetrate the space and make all of your white fittings shine. Keeping things minimal with the decor is key here, so a couple of light wooden cabinets for storage are the perfect additions to the space.

Beautiful French Bathroom

The style of this space really hits that french serenity in its prime. By layering plain white walls with a wooden floor, we get a sense of space as well as warmth here. Adding in a contemporary bathtub as a feature as well as a framed mirror and sleek radiator from Radiator Outlet, we really see a sense of the past merging with the present.

French marble bathroom

Beige French Bathroom

If white isn’t your thing, you can warm the whole space up with beige marble tiles and a tiled floor. By adding in a claw foot bathtub with gold feet and some short gold drapes, you can truly make this space feel like something you’d see in a five star hotel.

Blue French Country Bathroom

If you love the idea of adding a touch of colour to the room, then there is no more fitting colour for a bathroom than blue. By adding pale blue elements such as tiles and towels to the room, you can bring some life into your French bathroom and bring it into the now. By using rustic wooden accents and a claw foot tub, you will really be able to merge the antique with the modern.

Distinctive French Bathroom

If you are feeling a little more brave with the space and you have a lot of natural light available to you, then a black bathtub can make a stunning addition to your space. Pairing that with a white chair and wooden accents can bring a whole new feel to this part of the home and make it feel totally unique.

French style marble bathroom

Elegant French Bathroom

When we think about classic French design, many of us will think of the combination of white and gold. This regency style can be brought to life in the bathroom with a gold radiator, gold framed mirror and gold accents in the marble tiles lining your walls. By adding in some pale yellow towels and accessories you can really make the most of this style. A simple rounded bathtub will finish off the look and make this space feel like a palace bathroom.

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