Style Over Practicality : Getting Onboard with the Cactus Trend

Probably not the most tactile plant to assign my three and a half year old with as his growing project in our French country cottage but I am loving the cactus and succulents trend so…

how to style succulentshow to style a cactusstyling succulentsDSC_0021One didn’t seem nearly enough to make impact so we got three. We’ve really enjoyed styling these succulents into our living room and they look lovely on our marble coffee table. I adore this table. Long before the Annie Sloan revolution, my Mum painted this marble effect on the top with some friends of hers who designed theatre sets and I think it suits our home to a T.

cactus marble coffee table

marble coffee table styling ideas

You know sometimes you just have to give in to a bit of interior decor that you know makes no sense whatsoever just because you like it? Hopefully we won’t get too many spikes in our fingers and the desert like conditions cactus plants like mean they can cope fine if you forget to water them. I like the contrast of the natural terracotta with the vivid green especially.

I’m v guilty of the style over practicality issue and there are many looks I like at the moment that I take a little bit of inspiration from and weave into the fabric of our little home. I am trying to work out what would be the best new floor treatment in our living room and really like polished concrete but a part of me longs for cosy carpet in a neutral shade.

But then this saunters in and I find myself wondering whether I’m choosing style over practicality again…DSC_0052 Slightly going off on a tangent, Woody got his first school report from Maternelle on Friday and Maitresse said he is getting on great for an English boy but he has his head in the clouds. Oh, mais oui I responded, ” Just like Papa. ” On getting into my car I had to have a little chuckle to myself, I am such a daydreamer it’s untrue. To the point of laughing and smiling to myself like a mad thing.

Woody often wanders into the kitchen where I am to be found wine in hand pondering. I found him in there on his own the other day with a little fat finger on his chin and when I asked him what he was doing he replied, ” I’m thinking “, “What about? ” “My kitchen and where to put the fridge.”So, here’s to all you daydreamers out there xxxDSC_0058

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2 thoughts on “Style Over Practicality : Getting Onboard with the Cactus Trend

  1. Becky | Spirited Puddle Jumper

    Oh I LOVE little Woody, bless him! Also love these cactus’ (cacti?!), they are my favourite houseplants as I can’t kill them easily, and they look great pretty much anywhere x

    1. Katie Anderson Post author

      Thanks Becky, he is hilarious. I think it is cacti? Yes, they do look great anywhere and feel quite “modern” too!

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