Styling the Perfect Bohemian Interior

I do love a minimalist style but the bohemian home decor trend really appeals to me too. Sometimes the two styles just gently collide. I love those beautiful airy Parisian apartments you find in St Germain brimming with colour on the inside. Bringing some Boho glam into your interior is a fab way to add colour, texture and pattern, if like me you’re slightly afraid of any colour that isn’t grey!

So how do you go about bringing together this eclectic look in a chic way? Read on…

styling a bohemian interior

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Choose Your Colours Carefully

Just because the Bohemian style encouraages colour, layering and pattern doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t choose each element of your scheme wisely. Starting with your choice of colours, consider rich jewel tones –  emerald green works particularly well in a bohemian decor and helps create a peaceful ambiance. Combine richer hues with neutrals to bring the whole look together. 

styling a bohemian interior


Energise with Lush House Plants


styling a bohemian interior

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One thing you’ll notice a lot of Bohemian decor schemes have in common is that they include plenty of natural light and lush house plants. House plants like succulents and cactus are so fashionable still so this is a quick, easy and low maintenance way to bring some energising plants into your home. For the more green fingered, go BIG – plants will give your Boho decor a natural feel and add the texture/colour to pull it off.

Experiment with Pattern

If there’s something that totally works in bohemian styles, it’s mixing different patterns together. You may need to experiment to find a way this works best for you. Mixing three patterns to start with is usually a good idea, but make sure you use them in varying quantities! This helps things to look more put together rather than simply thrown together. 

Look For Cosy Furniture Pieces

styling a bohemian interior

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Bohemian decor is all about the cosy factor and that includes cosy furniture pieces. Dogs are totally allowed on the sofa and having your books and belongings all around you certainly is too. No-one likes mess but the objective is to create a relaxed environment to feel restful and at peace in. If you have a modern leather sofa – call a man with a van and get rid of it asap. Channel plush ottomans, printed curtains, plenty of cushions, and things that scream comfort instead. Choosing chairs and sofas that are cosy, bright, and patterned will add personality – choose ones you’d most like to sink into and enjoy a great book from.

Love a Layer

styling a bohemian interior

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Mastering the art of layering is key to any good Bohemian’s success!  Layer your cushions, layer your throws, layer your rugs. Practice makes perfect getting this look right so experiment adding textures and pattern to succeed in creating the perfect Boho vibe. 

There is no one way to create the perfect Bohemian interior. In fact, every single one you find will be different and unique, just like the person living inside it. The fabulous thing about a Boho glam interior is that there are no real rules – anything goes! x

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