Stylish Ways Of Teaching Toddlers French

You know that proud moment when your little one suddenly turns to you and says, “I love you Mama”? It’s heartbreaking and amazing all in one. Imagine then while playing a game of chase your little one squawks back ” encore, encore”. It’s funny hearing someone so small, barely a master of his own mother tongue trying out a new language for himself.

Our little boy is on his way to learning a few French words but doesn’t like us speaking French back to him so it’s not easy to help him along in the second language. We’d like to encourage him to feel comfortable speaking both but for English speaking parents, it’s hard to know how best to nurture and embrace his new found skills. We’ve chosen to try it through play with some nice, colourful visuals that our little sponge will love. Here’s our take on teaching toddlers French, with a little bit of style thrown in for good measure.

Out with the craft box!

DSC_0516 DSC_0428 DSC_0418

A hand painted linen bag is great for keeping his top ten toys together, or those days when the vice like grip won’t let go before creche. He’ll soon learn to call it le sac…




A bright and cheerful place to keep chalks for our large toddler height blackboard. Les crais…


A ticket to colour land. Our hand written parcel tags hang from a little washing line on the end of the worktop. Rose, Bleu, Vert, Rouge, Jaune…


And our lovely bateau all the farmyard animals can take a ride in. Made from a spray painted oyster box and old linen napkin.

DSC_0506 DSC_0510

Bon voyage…


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