Chic Charcoal Living Rooms

Chic Charcoal Living Rooms

Grey is such an elegant colour to use in a French inspired home and eternally chic charcoal living rooms keep on popping up as style inspiration. So much more subtle than black with a nice contemporary edge for a modern French feel. It’s a look I’ve seen a lot while working as a holiday home inspector Read the full article…

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Do Small Things With Great Love : A French Tarte Tatin Recipe with The White Company London

My mum, sister, sister in law and I all have the same Sunday ritual; it involves preparing a lovely family roast, playing nice music in the kitchen and having a little glass of something warming with our pinnies on. We all do it, every Sunday, without fail and it’s one of our little family treats Read the full article…

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5 Ways To Breathe Some French Air Into Your Home

The global love for French Interiors was still very much at the forefront of home styling in 2015. If you’re a fan of the French chic look, here are 5 simple ways to add a little je ne sais quoi to your home. 1. Embrace Curves The French art of creating a luxurious home combines Louis inspired curves, side tables Read the full article…

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