The Complete Guide to Ethical Eyewear

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It’s easier than ever to find sustainable fashion because there are so many great brands out there, but there are still details that people forget about. Glasses are one of the most common things that people don’t consider, which is a big problem because they’re made of plastic. A lot of plastic waste from glasses ends up in the ocean, so if you’re a glasses wearer, you need to find more sustainable options. The good news is, this guide will tell you everything that you need to know.

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Shop Online 

If you go into an optician, you might find one or two options for sustainable eyewear if you are lucky, but you will get far more options online. There are some great eyewear sites online that have a huge range of glasses so you can still search for the best new brand while also making sure that you’re making a sustainable choice. In most cases, you can get a much better price online as well so you’re saving money and saving the planet at the same time. 

Look For Sustainable Materials 

Finding the right materials is vital if you want to buy ethical eyewear, but most glasses are made entirely from plastic. However, there are some great alternatives out there, like wooden glasses, which look stylish and they’re completely biodegradable. In fact, they’re actually a better alternative to plastic because they are very durable and they are less sensitive to changing temperatures than plastic is. 

There are also some companies out there that are using damaging waste materials, like plastics, to create new glasses. You should check out Sea2See, a company that takes plastic waste from the ocean and uses it to make recycled glasses. They stock a range of different fashionable styles and with every purchase, you’re helping to remove more plastic from the ocean. 

You can also find recycled glasses made from a range of materials, like metals, old vinyl, fishing nets, wheat and all sorts of other things. As long as you check the source of the material that your glasses are made from, you can make sure that you aren’t doing any damage to the environment. 

Upcycle Old Glasses 

Upcycling instead of buying new is one of the best ways to live a waste-free lifestyle and reduce your impact on the environment. A lot of people don’t consider upcycling glasses but it’s a great way to find new styles and make more ethical choices with your eyewear. If you search around in vintage stores, you should be able to find some great frames that you like. You can then get them fitted with new lenses according to your prescription. You will save a lot of money because you can pick up frames for next to nothing and you are not contributing to waste. Upcycling old glasses is also a great way to find more interesting accessories that you won’t see anywhere else.  

A lot of people never consider the impact that their eyewear has on the environment, which is a big issue because they generate a lot of plastic waste. But if you follow this guide, you can make ethical eyewear choices. 

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