The New French Craze – Lookiero France

So I’ve never been one for splashing the cash on loads of clothes and accessories but I do like the idea of having your own personal stylist to pick out some key pieces for you to try on! The new craze to hit France are Clothing Box Subscriptions and Lookiero France is a really popular one.


More coming soon but I have recently had an overhaul with an amazing nutritionist and have lost 7kg from following what the French call a Réquilibrage Alimentaire which is basically a food and nutrition reset. With the change in shape and increased energy I’m enjoying clothes a lot more than before. So when Lookiero was waved under my nose I was interested to give it a try! Here’s my thoughts…

As Often As You Like

So the great thing about signing up to Lookiero is that you can alter your subscription to suit you. Whether you prefer to receive a monthly, bimonthly box or just as and when, the choice is yours. I’m not an advocate of wasteful buying and over consumption so be sure to recycle, donate to charity or upcycle other items in your wardrobe to make way for the incoming.

How Does Lookiero Work?

So, with the code that I’m about to share with you, you’ll be entitled to try the first box for free. After that you pay 10e whenever a box is prepared and sent out to you. Your personal stylist will handpicked a selection of items based on the information you give them and then send them to you to try on. You’ll also get a couple of style advice cards showing you how to wear each new item and a nice personalized note about your box of goodies!

TIP- Be very clear when you sign up about what kind of clothes you like, you can even upload photographs to indicate what your current style and shape is. The first box I received was hideous!!! Really Grannyish 🤦🏼‍♀️! So, needless to say I’ve updated my own profile a few times as I was changing shape a bit and at first I received clothes that were not up my allée at all but also way too big-so it is worth taking time to be clear from the start.

Image : Lookiero

What’s the Average Cost?

So, on average each box is around 120-150e worth of clothes if you keep everything. The real cost is around 200e but if you keep 1 item your 10e subscription is reimbursed and if you keep all 5 you get 25% off everything. I think personally it is better to keep everything or nothing at all to get the full discount or some items can seem a bit overpriced for what they are.

How Do You Send Items Back?

What I will say is that the delivery and returns are brilliantly easy and free, you simply select your delivery date, try on and anything you want to send back you declare when you checkout online. Everything you don’t want is popped in a pre paid bag provided and you just drop off with Mondial Relay and bish bash bosh you’re done. You have 5 days from receiving the box to get your checkout done.

So What Did I Get?

So, I received a lovely Blue and White Striped Sundress, tres Francais! A pair of lovely Paperbag Shorts, a Crochet Style Top, A Broderie Anglaise Shirt and A Really Cute All in One Green Jumpsuit! Items and brands that I might never normally go for but overall I was really pleased.

So, if you fancy giving it a try for free with non obligation to buy you can use this unique code with your first order…


Just to be clear, this does give me a 10e bonus if you do so pleased don’t feel obliged: that is TOTALLY not the reason I’m sharing!

All in all I think if you are very clear about your requirements and tastes, the box is great fun. If, like me you fall into the white shirt and jeans trap all the time then trying a few carefully chosen pieces in a younger style can really be a very nice change. Not sure I could afford to subscribe every month but every now and again or at the change of a season I think it could be really useful, especially if you want to avoid shops and changing rooms. X

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