The Winter Coat Conundrum

Winter really starts to kick in here at the beginning of November and each year I am lulled into the same false sense of weather security because it’s just not THAT cold until the NY. So I end up not getting the right new winter coat every time. I usually end up with something that is a. about as water resistant as a sieve and b. too open on the chest and really just not warm enough.

The trouble is, the water proof coats aren’t really my thing…they always seem bulky and a bit unflattering and make me look like a javelin teacher. But then the classic coat I prefer tends to be one that buttons at the waist and then I get too cold. Oh decisions decisions…

Here are some nice ones in both styles, have a lovely day…in the RAIN! X

The Multi Weather Coat

Reversible Black Parka, Zara
Zara Reversible Parka 69e95

What I like about this Zara Reversible Parka is that it is waterproof but can also be reversed so you can wear it as a faux fur coat! The only downside as far as I can see is that it is a little shiny on the water proof side and it comes up VERY big. For versatility though, I think this looks like a great option. Like dog walk to drinks in one move…

The Smart Camel Coat

Smart Camel Winter Coat, Zara
Zara Camel Coat 69e95

So a Camel Coat is a big style statement and one of the key colours for AW19 and you can see why. This classic cut and colour combo is a winner on the chic stakes. The details to love are the contemporary shoulder shape, single button and knee length. I would make sure you go for a true camel colour too, there’s a lot of wishy washy minky colours around that aren’t all that flattering on everyone…I got one a few ears ago and it’s a very draining colour. True camel though looks fab with pink, red and monochrome, all round a much more wearable shade. This one is lined but just how warm it would be at a cold rainy bus stop is another matter?…

Ticking the Checked Coat Trend

Long Checked Coat Zara
Zara Checked Coat 69e95

COAT CRUSH! This is the coat I would absolutely buy in a flash…if I didn’t live my life! I adore the slightly Mary Quantesque style to this. A small downside…it’s not lined, but it is a beautiful long checked coat, swoon, swoon, swoon. But chez moi alas it would be covered in paw prints.

A Classic Parka

Green Parka Zara
Classic Green Parka Zara 79e95

I think this looks like a warm, practical and flattering parka jacket, don’t you? The parka type coats all seem to be modeled on the large size, I would say that unless you are stick thin, go a size down to reduce the bulk. It’s a nice GREEN jacket too, the wadding is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles! My only question would be, do you really need pockets THAT big?


Oversized Black Coat Zara
Zara Oversized Black Coat 99e95

I love the simplicity and elegance of this classic black coat. I think the oversized shape is pretty contemporary and makes a nice change from the smarter double breasted type coat of the same style. Love the wide sleeves although I suppose you could get a breeeeeze up there and the lovely longer length is very smart. A great all rounder in my book!

The Wrap Coat

Navy Belted Coat Zara
Zara Belted Coat 99e95

This is such a lovely look isn’t it? Beautiful soft navy wrap coat made from 50% recycled wool. Nice and dressy for evening and that in between weather. Not sure how you would fare out in the rain but LOVE it anyway!

So there’s just a handful of my favourites around at the moment. I love the smartness of a dressy coat but tbh I do live in the country so may well have to go for something with a bit more practicality.

Have you shopped your winter warmer yet? I’d love to hear X

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