The Timeless Look – Key to Lasting Style

Here at Love French Style Blog, we adore classic French Interior design but admire so many other trends too. While interior design is an important component of your home, so too is creating a home that you and your family adore and your friends love to visit. As for our faces,  time can be a cruel thing for our living spaces too. Whilst you might have lived in your house for many years, those “aesthetic quirks” that you once adored might have started to look old and weary. Or perhaps you went all out on a trend that you now can’t mix anything new with? There’s definitely a difference between vintage design and outdated design. 

Here’s a few tricks on applying timeless style to create long lasting style.

Open it up!

When it comes to creating a timeless interior, minimalism really goes a long way. The cluttered eclectic look is such a lovely one, but, unless you have a really gifted eye, then it’s very hard to carry off with glamour. Spaciousness on the other hand is something we all want more of, it’s a timeless aesthetic because it’s not a subjective design trend; it simply makes your home feel more inviting and calm.

You might not be in a position to start knocking down walls à la Kirstie Allsop but you could kick start this process with a BIG old tidy up. By decluttering your house, there’s much more space to discover in your home than you might think! Get binning or recycling items and strip back your interior to the essentials and you will be honestly quite amazed by the difference. You may even find you can avoid an expensive move in the future. Having a limited amount of space does teach a lot about discipline!

So – try putting up shelves or increasing storage space under beds ( we love those bags yoou suck the air out of with a hoover ) this could help to free up much needed room in your home.  Additionally, you reduce the risk of overloading your home with stuff that is bound to go out of style. Keep it simple, stick to things you really like and your ideas will fall into place.

Channel Classic Shapes

Timeless design is all about achieving an impressive aesthetic without letting your home’s style become tied to a particular era. You could try focussing on furnishings that deliver both a classic aesthetic whilst being comfortable at the same time. For example, some leather sofas can look sophisticated but be very uncomfortable and a bit mainstream. The key is getting the balance right.

French country style

Taking inspiration from French country style or something like this elegant Italian sofa furniture which will help to bring a little elegance and sophistication into your home. You may have resented it as a teenager stamping your mark with as zany a scheme as possible, but a little lesson from your folks in traditional design can bring that lovely grown up feel to make your house a home.

Favour Nature 

Natural design is here to stay and bringing nature into your home is not a passing trend but one we homeowners have loved for centuries. We are still loving the natural look of a cleaned up brick wall in our homes – a timeless warm look for a city or country house. The greenery trend is coming back into designers palettes for the coming season and brings a lovely, relaxed feel to any living space.

It figures that bringing some foliage into your home will help you to achieve those #homegoals as nature is timeless, so it makes sense that a natural interior won’t run the risk of becoming dated.

You could look into wooden flooring for a classic and visually-enticing finish for your home.  You could still add rugs to give your interior that warm and homely feel. And you might want to consider white paint instead of wallpaper; neutral walls could give you lots of potential for design options on top of that backdrop. Whilst we admire the big punchy flower printed wallpapers around at the moment, will you love them in 10 years time? A neutral background is timeless; and bizarrely the very absence of following a design trend can really let your home breathe.

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