Upgrading a Home Past It’s Prime!

As I mentioned in my last post on creating a stylish exterior If your house is looking a little past its prime then taking time to make some improvements will really improve it’s overall appeal and feel. Your home should feel comfortable and relaxing, but this isn’t the case if its aesthetic is outdated. Your surroundings have a big impact on your mood. If you don’t like the way your home looks then you won’t feel good in your home either. It’s time to renovate.

Here are some ideas for interior design in a home that’s past its prime.

A timeless aesthetic needs to be minimal.

If your home is past its prime then it’s time to declutter. Get rid of all the junk and unwanted belongings that you’ve been hoarding over the years because clutter can ruin the appearance of any household. A spacious aesthetic, on the other hand, is timeless as well as practical. As we’ve discussed before, creating a minimalist interior can save even the most outdated home. When you strip your home of its excess furnishings and possessions then you’ll finally achieve a spacious aesthetic. This could help to modernise your household’s interior without you having to even lift a paintbrush!

Your personality should dictate your home’s design.

Your home is your own personal haven. At least, it should be. Obviously, every household starts to look a little worn and dated over time, but the most important thing is simply that it looks personal. You want to feel cosy and welcomed in your own home, and even a stylish design won’t always achieve this if it’s soulless and sterile. Add a little character and vibrancy to your house’s aesthetic if it’s past its prime. Forget about following trends; if you follow your own personal preferences then your interior design will never become outdated.

Tackling key problem areas like drafts, windows and doors will improve the insulation and overall comfort. You could start by checking out a site such as ModernUpvcWindows.co.uk that lets you design your own windows and doors for your house online. Playing a part in the actual design process of your home will make the design feel more closely linked to your personality.


Colour and lighting can both transform your home’s aesthetic.

If you want to update your interior design then you should try to create a more pleasant vibe in your home. And the best way to do this is to focus on the colour and lighting used throughout the household. As mentioned by gorgeous Jen over at lovechicliving.co.uk, colour can create a feeling of cold or warmth in a home. Softer lighting with a warm yellow hue should be used for living rooms, bedrooms, and other relaxing environments while harsher lighting with a bright white hue should be reserved for kitchens, bathrooms, and studies. Of course, the absence of colour can be powerful too. The colour white helps to brighten a room by naturally reflecting light. White walls can also serve as a suitable neutral backdrop for any room regardless of the colour theme.

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2 thoughts on “Upgrading a Home Past It’s Prime!

  1. James Bingham

    Great blog post and yes, colour and lighting definitely have a huge impact. Dark colours can work well in some settings, but they mute natural light so much that it can make rooms feel very cramped and small, even when there’s lots of natural light. Using white as part of a colour scheme might seem “boring”, but it’s the best way to make a room feel more alive.

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