Why It’s Good to Grind – The Art of Coffee Making


The art of coffee making is still causing somewhat of a stir with most of us now owning a pretty sophisticated coffee machine so we can replicate the café culture we love at home. According to a recent article in The Telegraph on the art of coffee, sales of these swanky machines is up 167%, while the sales of traditional percolators and cafetieres is down by comparison. In addition to that, there are many new faces on the coffee roasting scene and one I came across last time I was in Suffolk is The Suffolk Coffee Company. Christopher Rayner-Green roasts his own coffee blends in Peasenhall in Suffolk and has a nice collection of artisan blended coffees to buy on his website. It would seem all of us have our preferences when it comes to the perfect cup but is there sometimes just a bit too much choice?


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Now, call me old fashioned but I rather like the way you can still get a decent coffee in France without having too much choice, I find coffee menus get me in a bit of a flap! That said, French coffee can be quite bitter and so a while back, on the hunt for making a decent coffee at home I purchased this Bosch MKM 6003 Coffee Grinder.  I love this machine, I find I use less coffee, it tastes fresher, I enjoy the art of making coffee a whole lot more and I got a cheap little milk frother from good old Ikea for days when I fancy a more professional looking cup. Although, I can’t do the cat above yet, I confess.

Choose a nice brand of coffee that smells rich but not too bitter. If you get the shakes like old red eyes from too much coffee, dip a toe into the world of decaf, it’s really not that dreadful. Some of the decaffeinated varieties are pretty good and are far less powdery tasting than previously. You won’t feel like your drinking mellow birds I promise…


Just pour them in…then whizz! The grinder comes with instructions on how long to grind for…ooh er.. depending on how you like your coffee. If you like an espresso type cup then you’ll want to head for the finer grind. I use a traditional cafetiere for making coffee because I find it keeps nice and warm and creates its own little froth when poured. DSC_0420 DSC_0421

There are plenty of other ways to make great coffee although the French Press way is my personal favourite. Ospina coffee company has some great tips on making, drinking and serving the perfect coffee, you can read more here. You can also buy exquisite coffee for you or your coffee drinking friend too – I am loving the sound of the Dynasty Premier Cru!

There may be nothing fancy about my coffee making and I see the attraction of the pods and barista style coffee machines but I do think the faithful grinder has its place in a compact kitchen. I simply don’t have room for a huge coffee machine nor the knowledge or time on how to make a million types of coffee. I guess the sort I make is what trendy coffee connoisseurs would call a strong flat white…qui sait but I like it anyhow! You can also store the beans in a nice parfait jar and they’ll look oh so jolie on your shelf. So, enjoy your coffee and here here to a bit of grinding… ahem! –

Are you a coffee fan? How do you take yours?


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